If you are seeing this, that means you are following The Reader online. That’s a good thing now that we have adopted a biweekly schedule for the print edition during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Of course, we are not alone in having to examine how we do things, but the business of a free newspaper relies on its advertisers, and with those advertisers shuttered, we have been asking loyal readers to find some way to help us through these hard times by supporting what we call the Reader Revolution.  

The response has been very helpful to our mission, which is to continue producing a quality publication. With the newspaper business dominated by a few corporations, The Reader remains fiercely independent.  

Printing is a costly business, and all around us we see print publications dropping from the scene. We stand firm by print, but there was no way we could continue to publish weekly with the precipitous drop in revenue. Instead of abandoning print as so many of our colleagues have done, we tightened our belts and pushed forward with our hand outstretched to our loyal reader base.  

In order to do that, we have set up a relatively easy way for you to donate through Donorbox. You can do so on our website, duluthreader.com.  

You can also help us by patronizing our advertisers – those with us now, those who the coronavirus have rendered part-time operations and those who we look forward to seeing again when it’s business as usual.  

In the meantime, we will continue to publish a print edition of The Reader and the virtual edition you are reading right now.  

The list of donors to The Reader cause is growing every day, and we thank each of you for thinking of us and joining the Reader Revolution. We have discussed ways to recognize our supporters. Each week –in both print and digital editions – you will find the growing list of names listed in a Thank You ad. We are working on other perks for you warriors in the Reader Revolution, perks you can use when the world is right again.

So stick with us. We’ll see this through together, and on the other side, we look forward to acknowledging your contributions in significant ways.