I cannot count how many times I’ve been asked in the decades I’ve been writing about beer to name my favorite beer. My answer has always been the same, something vague like it depends on the season or depends on if I’m in a stout mood or a lager mood, or whatever I’m feeling like at the time. 
But now I will have a defitive answer after downing a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Organic Pale Ale. Yum!
This old world brewery in northern England knows how to make great beer, and this pale ale is incredible, an extremely sophisticated brew.
This is not a particularly pale pale ale. In fact, it is a lovely copper color, with beautiful white lace clinging to the glass. 
With each luscious sip, I want to cry out a la Jimmy Cagney, “Top of the world, Ma!” 
This beer is so very, very good that you should stop whatever you are doing — which I assume is reading this column — and find your own bottle of this exquisite pale ale. You will thank me. And remember, it’s organic, man! It might even be orgasmic.

Had to try the new beer from Guinness— a milk stout brewed in that world beer capital, Baltimore.
Actually, I’ve never before had a beer brewed in Baltimore, our beloved president’s favorite city. Perhaps that will change with Over the Moon Milk Stout from the great Irish brewery.
Milk stout is brews with milk sugar (lactose), which provides both body and soul to the stout. The flavors of coffee and chocolate are dominant in this smooth-tasting stout.
I read somewhere that this beer just appeared on the scene last fall. Why Baltimore is something I can’t answer right now, but stay tuned because I want to know more about this milk stout in baby blue packaging.