Whooey, did that Donald V. (Vengeance) Rumpt go on a rant after his impeachment acquittal by the most tepid deliberative body in the world, the U.S. Senate. The majority New Conservative Neanderthal Party (NCNP), formerly the republicans, proved that they are the senate champions at sitting on their hands and looking the other way when the facts are staring you in the face.

But that’s neither here nor there. Their inaction allowed the nation to witness another great show by Rumpt a couple days later with his NCNP cheerleaders in tow as he careened from one conspiracy theory to the next, pausing only to debase any perceived opponent he might find in his crowded and pathological mind. I’ll say one thing, he does stream of consciousness really well, though I’m not too sure just how conscious he really is.

I really do hope that folks were paying attention as he once again paraded his bigotry and bullying in front of us. It was a hoot to hear him accuse so many folks of being liars and dishonest people and sick people and just really bad people trying to destroy our nation.
And that was after his Tuesday performance on Saturday Night Live with Donald Rumpt that actually interrupted and replaced the state of the union address that was originally scheduled. 

My brother had called shortly after the performance began and said he started watching and told me that it was Saturday Night Live with Donald Rumpt and I went back to watching it in that frame of mind and by golly he was right. I never laughed so hard at all the jokes and special guests, like the purveyor of hate and discord Rush Limbaugh receiving the Medal of Freedom after he’s spent three decades arguing against the freedoms of people he doesn’t like. I was rolling on the floor with laughter after that little comedy sketch.

The whole thing proved that assholes can be great comedians when they put their minds to it.
I did happen to ask a Rumpt supporter a day or two later if he thought the president might be a little bit of a bully, not a nice man. The guy shrugged and said he thought that maybe Rumpt could probably tone it down here and there but in all he thought the country was doing pretty well under his watch. He basically said at least you don’t wonder where the president is coming from, saying he’s pretty transparent, a lot more transparent than other politicians, and that was a good thing in his mind.

Foaming at the mouth and bullying people is transparent?
I guess there are different meanings for the word transparent.
I happen to feel Rumpt is so transparent you could hold him up to a light and see right through him. He’s empty. Try it yourself and you can see that he has no soul. He’s just plain empty, like hologram. 
I’ll bet if you held Mr. Obstruction himself, Mitch McConnell, up to a light and you’d see the same thing… nothing. An empty space, free of soul, like a balloon in a fancy suit.

Well, one thing leads to another and pretty soon the scientists and philosophers of the National Union of Friendly Americans (NUFA) were on the Rumpt case. Using the scientific method and a special NUFA spectrometer that can peer into the recesses of space and soul it was discovered that there was plenty of dark matter in there, large quantities of anger and vitriol and bigotry, whirling around small galaxies of vengeance and paranoia. The universe inside that empty man was actually brimming with massive amounts of negative energy that had the ability to seep out and infect normal people who might be inclined to believe just about anything even in the face of facts that show otherwise.

Rumpt has now been proven to be wholly free of any benign or friendly energy, thus the lack of soul. What the NUFA research does prove is that a sizable minority of citizens in this country have been infected by Rumpt’s preponderance of negativity and are now like play-dough in the hands of this administration and lackeys in Congress.

But all is not lost. 
One of the NUFA scientists told me that the dark matter they observed acted like a virus or bacteria and no matter the damage they cause those things do tend to play themselves out after a while and it’s usually sooner than later.  
There is hope in the world after all.