The Crazy Nutcase In the Basement Is Now Presiding In The Oval office

Ed Raymond


  There is no doubt in many minds that the impeachment of King Donald and the 2020 presidential election are the two most consequential actions in the 224-year history of the United States because we have an uncertified nutcase sitting near a nuclear button that can destroy worlds. We have dozens of issues to debate which I will list later, but when a malignant narcissist, a person who thinks only of himself, has that awesome Hiroshima power within his reach, we must remove him from office as soon as we can.   

On October 3, 2019 all members of the Congress of the United States received a letter from the World Mental Health Coalition signed by 253 mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists, that Donald J. Trump represents a clear and present danger to the planet. The letter states: “None of us has clinically examined the President and therefore we refrain from making any diagnosis. However, our examination of his public record leads us to believe that he has the pattern of fragile self and is prone to blame and attack others when threatened. The president encourages violence against his perceived enemies.

We should not ignore the President’s ability to initiate a conflict with other countries in order to distract from his political troubles, perhaps with the hope of rallying the country around him, as often happens at the beginning of armed conflict. The fact that the President holds in his hands alone the ability to initiate nuclear war cannot be ignored.” Let’s hope he doesn’t watch the movie “Dr. Strangelove” where Slim Pickens rides a nuclear bomb to earth whooping and waving his Stetson cowboy hat. The scene might set him off.

How about locking him up before he hurts everybody?   

Two Washington Post reporters have written a book titled “A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America,” which is an ironic title because it reveals facts that qualify him as a nutcase. What president in his right mind would consider granting HIMSELF the Medal of Freedom, our nation’s highest civilian honor? Only a president who has lied 16,241 to the public. Why does he keep complaining that he hasn’t been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize like Barack Obama? When visiting Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial with Chief of Staff John Kelly he didn’t seem to understand what both were all about. It’s because he is an ignorant certifiable nutcase. He should never be followed by the guy carrying a briefcase filled with nuclear codes.  

Meanwhile The Trump Administration And The Senate Have Done Nothing To Solve Our Top Ten Real Problems:  

1. Economic Inequality-

Yes, the stock market is over 29,000 at this minute, but 84% of stocks are owned by the Top Ten Percent. It’s the casino of the rich where they exchange cash. The federal minimum wage is stuck on $7.25, but it should be at $22 to equal the buying power it was first set at. One hundred of the Forbes 500 top corporations paid no federal income taxes last year. I wonder what those 2,000 unemployed coal miners since 2017 think of King Donald now?   

Because of 737 Max staying-in-the-air problems, Boeing delivered only 380 commercial planes in 2019 compared to its European rival Airbus’s 768. Boeing has a 10-year backlog of 5,406 plane orders compared to Airbus with 7,482. The Boeing CEO did such a terrible job in losing hundreds of billions of dollars he walked away with only $62 million. He should have been put on the homeless streets of Chicago without a dime for being such a failure. No wonder we have inequality.

Worker median salaries are 3% below what they were 40 years ago, while all income is going to the Top Ten Percent. Will you vote for King Donald or Bernie in 2020?

2. Health Care-

We spend twice as much on health care as any other industrialized country. We are the only industrialized country that does not have universal care. Trumplicans do not believe that health care is a human right. Eighty-seven million Americans are either drastically uninsured or not insured. Greed has marked Big Pharma with the skull and crossbones of death. Just in the years 2006 to 2014 major drug companies distributed 100 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pills in the U.S. killing 130,000 people by overdose. Collectively now, the death toll by overdose is close to 450,000. These states received the most pills per person per year: West Virginia-66.8, Kentucky-63.6, South Carolina-60.9m and Tennessee-59.

Seven women in one family had their breasts and ovaries removed because a profit-making genetics lab said they had a bad gene. After the operations Myraid Genetics said, “Whoops, we made a mistake!” Will this family vote for King Donald or Bernie and Medicare-For-All?

3. Climate Change-

While intense fires in California and Australia are burning thousands of homes and millions of acres, the air is so filled with smoke that tournament tennis players are collapsing on Australian courts from smoke-filled air. The past decade is the hottest ever recorded on earth, the last five years the hottest. In 2019 36 countries experienced their hottest years in history. The World Economic Forum is reporting that the top five risk areas are all related to climate change: extreme weather, biodiversity loss, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Meanwhile, King Donald and Trumplicans are trying to con people by constantly yelling “HOAX!”

Fire, brimstone, and The Rapture__and away we go! The hate flag is flying! King Donald or Bernie?

4. Immigration-

The quest for cheap labor by corporations and the failure to put those employers in jail for hiring undocumented workers are the two major reasons we have such an immigration mess. If you put employers in jail for hiring undocumented workers it puts up an impenetrable wall, not a steel or concrete one that people can saw through, tunnel under, or glide over the top. CEOs don’t like jail cells. A few million spent on courts and jail cells for employers will save many billions spent on steel and concrete. Is establishing a temporary worker visa program too complicated for politicians?   

Greed strikes again. Joe Arpaio, the sheriff and pardoned felon of Maricopa County, Arizona, said he spent two years trying to find an employer who broke the law. Joe evidently slept late. We saw business vans picking up undocumented workers from most street corners every morning while living in Phoenix.

Texas Governor Greg Albott doesn’t want any refugees in his state. King Donald or Bernie?

5. Race-

We all came from the Garden of Eden, the plains of Africa, Charlie Darwin’s evolution, or some other mysterious Neverland. Does it make any difference? If it does---get over it.

Will Colin Kaepernick ever play NFL quarterback again? King Donald or Bernie?


King Donald appointed Betsy DeVos, a very rich religious nut who never entered a public classroom as a student, because he thought he could con her group to vote for him. Her sole purpose in life is to close all public schools and universities by establishing voucher systems and charter schools to put the financial squeeze on public institutions. She should be shunned, banished—and expelled from school. She is also trying to protect the fortunes of for-profit colleges that screwed students with false promises about good jobs. What is she doing about the enormous $1.6 trillion student debt owed by 44 million Americans? Nothing! She’s adding to it.

School systems are spending billions of dollars trying to protect students from mass shooters and the gun culture. Panic alarms are the latest big money-maker. Why don’t we do something about the availability of guns? The TSA confiscated 4,432 firearms in carry-on bags last year. Over 90% were loaded and 30% had a round in the chamber. Does King Donald or Bernie get your vote on gun control?

7. Religious Freedom-

We hear a lot from fundamentalists, evangelicals, and conservative Catholics about religious freedom. They want it. But they want to have the freedom to push “Christian” religion (which is no longer Christian!) down our throats and turn the country into a theocracy ruled by the Franklin Grahams, the Jerry Falwells, the Jimmy Swaggarts, the Michele Bachmanns, the Ted Cruzes---and the Cardinal Burkes. No, thank you.

Project Blitz sponsored by right-wing “Christian” groups tries to pass legislation which discriminates against the LBGTQ community, opposes sex education programs, and presses state legislatures to approve laws promoting their interpretation of the Bible. Will you vote for King Donald or Bernie?                

8. Abortion-

How do we stop having abortions? We either stop having sex or have “no-failure” contraceptives. Guess which one will work now. Religion won’t prevent us from having sex. Check out celibacy and the mortal sins of the Catholic Church. The politicians vote to pay for Viagra but refuse to pay for contraception. Guess what happens. History informs us, and the simple fact is, under present conditions, women will stop having abortions when they stop getting pregnant. Roe V. Wade didn’t start abortions and if repealed won’t stop them. Recent evidence: a survey tells us that 95% of the women who have had abortions feel one emotion. Relief. We will continue to have abortions if necessary, even with all the politicians playing doctor.

About 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriages. Is it murder because of rejection? King Donald or Bernie?

9. Homosexuality-

I think we can trust Norwegians. Uffta, they are generally not a devious and untrustworthy tribe. After studying the 1,500 top species on the planet they gave up trying to find one that was 100% straight. While on the farm I observed gay horses, bisexual cows, and transgender pigs—and sometimes a gay couple at a local town hall dance. I bet there are now even gay Trumplicans and priests. Accept it as normal.

King Donald or Bernie?

10. Foreign Policy-

At times in the past we provided guidance to other governments by emphasizing human rights, supplying a little foreign aid when we thought it might help, and offering aid to countries that suffered national disasters. We even tried to project morality in making political decisions. But sometimes we didn’t follow Barack Obama’s advice when he made the famous statement “you can’t fix stupid” by getting our greedy, testosterone-filled asses in wars we had no or little business in. We constructed alliances and friends in many parts of the world that protected us--and allies. It seems that King Donald has established enemies by declaring “AMERICA FIRST!” Well, Vladimir and Kim have expressed their love for King Donald by laughing at him because evidently he can’t follow Obama’s admonition about stupidity.

Speaking of stupid, how about the ignorant King Donald threatening to destroy Iran’s cultural sites? Evidently he thinks the Geneva Convention has big sexy parties. King Donald or Bernie?  

More facts: Air Force One lands at socialistic airports. King Donald voters use socialistic streets, roads, and bridges to vote at socialistic public school precincts where students drink water supplied by socialistic water plants--and get rid of waste by using socialistic sanitary sewers. Responsible capitalists and democratic socialists work together to create a good living environment for all within a democratic community and country. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Walmart (all trillion-dollar companies) depend on taxpayer-built infrastructure to make billions. That’s socialism for the rich.