Blab-o-sphere will be in full gear soon

Forrest Johnson

Boy, is it going to get interesting in the Blab-o-sphere in the coming weeks.
The impeachment trial in the Senate for Donald V. (for vindictive) Rumpt has begun and the airwaves and twitter feeds will be brimming with right wing foment and balderdash, the very elements that make our society and the republic jump and shout. Yes, there will be hyperbole and misinformation and downright lies but those things don’t appear to matter anymore. The law and a sense of morality also don’t appear to matter to all the lawyers and muckity-mucks who inhabit the New Conservative Neanderthal Party (NCNP), formerly known as the Republicans.

Yes, I know, name calling doesn’t get anybody anywhere.
Mr. Rogers wouldn’t do that.
I will try not to do that.
It’s really hard to keep a clean slate when you have over ten thousand gun-toting Virginia Citizens Defense League backed gun activists, along with a smattering of white militia and white supremacist groups from showing up in Richmond, Virginia on Martin Luther King Day all weaponized to say they won’t allow universal background checks and confiscation of guns. One fellow said with a straight face that guns are no problem and the Democrats and the Left are just aiming to control people by taking away their Second Amendment rights.

I guess guns are not a part of the problem in 30,000 gun deaths in America each year.
That’s right, if someone is mad enough a baseball bat will do just fine if you don’t have a gun. I guess that means there are more guns in this country than baseball bats.
Believe me, I have enough little discussions at the shack each deer season with folks who seem to blur the line of the Second Amendment.
I often ask with a bourbon in hand which “well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” do they happen to belong to.
Sorry but machine guns and bazookas are not allowed. They didn’t have those back in 1787 and I’m sure he Founders would have some issues with the number of gun deaths we see in a year. But lock and load that AR-15 and carry hand guns up the wazoo and go have some fun defending innocent civilians from bad guys with guns. I’m sorry but I just can’t think about how many well meaning citizens are packing heat in everyday life. At the grocery store, the bakery, driving next to me on the road.

I just don’t see the need. And I’m a guy with hunting rifles and shotguns and all sorts of pistols that have been handed down over the generations, including a Luger that my grandfather took from some Germans he captured in World War 1. He was awarded a Silver Star for that escapade he talked very little about. He didn’t like war and he was adamant that we kids didn’t take lightly the responsibility of handling weapons.

In the meantime there were thousands of gun activists with loaded weapons strolling around and chanting slogans aimed at Virginia legislators who were beginning to consider gun legislation.
One fellow quoted in the New York Times said he was glad the event was peaceful but he had his 9-millimeter carbine along in solidarity and self defense in case of violence. Sure glad there weren’t any gun control activists running around with baseball bats.
That could’ve been real trouble.
So I’ll keep my name calling to the Number One name-caller Donald V. (for vindictive) Rumpt.
Just can’t help myself. He’ll likely be getting the Get out of Jail card in this impeachment so don’t think the name calling is over.
Sorry Mr. Rogers. I really wish you were here to help us out of this conundrum. I’m afraid it won’t be over soon.