King Donald: The Most Dangerous Human In The World

Ed Raymond

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

   I will never forget a summation about President Donald Trump by a frequent visitor to Mar-a-Lago: “Even his friends don’t like him.” After observing Melania and him for years, I believe his third trophy wife doesn’t like him either. But--that’s life in the New York fast lane. A book called “A Warning” by a someone serving in the Trump administration who wishes to remain anonymous, is quite revealing about the character--and the lack thereof--of our 45th president. The book, published by Grand Central Publishing, will go on sale November 19. Advance copies reveal that King Donald is “cruel, inept, and a danger to the nation he was elected to lead” because his finger is poised above the nuclear button.   

   King Donald has been described as having the emotions of a toddler to middle school dropout. The author writes: “Trump acts like a 12-year-old in an air traffic control tower, pushing the buttons of government indiscriminately, indifferent to the planes skidding across the runway and the flights frantically diverting away from the airport. I am not qualified to diagnose the president’s mental acuity. All I can tell you is that normal people who spend any time with Donald Trump are uncomfortable by what they witness. He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information, not occasionally but with regularity.” He exhibited all of these “qualities” plus verbal diarrhea in a 25-minute harangue on November 8 on the White House lawn while avoiding the questions by “fake news” reporters representing “the enemy of the people.”   

   “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” is a 2017 book containing essays of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health professionals who have observed Trump for years. They think he represents a “clear and present danger” to the American people and the world. They conclude that his lack of mental health is affecting the mental health of the American people, and that he places the country “at grave risk of involving it in a war and undermining democracy itself because of his pathological dangerousness.” This supports my contention that Trump has been an uncertified nutcase for much of his life, too dangerous and too unstable to be near the nuclear button. After reading the essays, Bill Moyers wrote that “there will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” Trump makes increasingly bizarre statements that are contradicted by irrefutable evidence to the contrary.”  

What “Family Values” Did Evangelical Christians Ever Support?     

   At some time in the distant past, before evangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham poisoned the radio and TV air waves, many evangelical Christians actually believed politicians should possess and follow personal values which are not embarrassing to family and friends, and that the office of the president of the United States should have a modicum of personal honor and dignity. So why did 81% of evangelicals vote for Donald Trump, a man who absolutely no one could stand as a neighbor?   

   Why do Christians support a man who cheats and lies at golf, business ventures, politics, human relationships? Why support a man with three marriages and 25 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct? Why do they support a man who has increased to 22 lies on average per day, who like Stalin and Hitler calls the mainline press “the enemy of the people,” who steals millions from a charity for veterans and spends the money on himself, who starts a fake university so he can steal money from people falling for his con on real estate transactions, who escaped the Vietnam War by bribing a doctor to diagnose ankle bone spurs, who said he wouldn’t have time to play golf but has played 224 times since taking office costing taxpayers well over $100 million, who marches into dressing rooms to admire naked teenagers, who claims climate change is a Chinese “hoax,” who gives tax cuts to billionaires while 100,000 U.S. children are homeless every night? He is the most ignorant man ever elected to political office, let alone the presidency of a country.

   He doesn’t read books or intelligence briefings but relies on his colon filled with crap in making decisions that could get us into a war in a New York-minute. He has no political ideology. He commits political masturbation for self-gratification. If there is a Trump Library after he leaves office it will probably have 280 rooms filled with his daily tweets and lies—with one reserved for Fox News, his TV channel. Meanwhile, Trump declares he “is the chosen one” while press secretary calls him “the genius!” So why have many U.S. Christians put Jesus Christ back in the tomb in supporting this man?  

Three Reasons: Race, Religion, and Wealth     

   King Donald depends on three factors to maintain his political base—race, religion, and wealth. Both race and religion are major factors in the South. The Christian Identity Church of Timothy McVeigh and private militias teaches that blacks were created to serve whites. We all know why the South votes Republican these days. It’s Nixon’s famous “Southern Strategy” after the Civil and Voting Rights laws were passed in the 1960’s.   

   And now Republicans and the evangelical Christians have joined to create a political base for Republicans and Donald Trump. A subset of Christian denominations called Dominionists have gained political power and are a major part of Trump’s base. The Dominionists are a conservative, politically active denomination that believes that God wants conservative Christians to take control of the government and turn the U.S. into a Christian country. Only Christians would hold political office and all decisions would be based on Biblical “laws” such as in Genesis. The Dominionists believe they have a divine mandate to claim dominion over the earth, physically, spiritually and politically. Among Dominionists are Vice-President Mike Pence, former U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. (Cruz has been picked by his Dominionist-minister-father to be king of Texas!)   

   King Donald picked Pence to be vice-president to gain the support of the “Christian” group because it gives Republicans the license to exploit the earth and everything on it. If Trump is impeached and Pence becomes president we may rue the day. Michael D’Antonio and Peter Eisner in their book “The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike,” reviews Pence’s political life: “For most of his life Pence had believed he was guided by God’s plan. He believed that the Lord intended for him to halt the erosion of religious conviction in the United States…many of his evangelical friends believed Pence’s ultimate purpose was to establish a government based on biblical law called Christian Dominionism…When man is worthy, he has dominion over the animal kingdom, when he is not, he descends below his level and the animals rule over him.”  

Trump The Anointed         

   Many Dominionists belong to POTUS Shield, a network of self-described apostles and prophets who believe President Trump was anointed by God to bring about Christian rule in the U.S. Last February Dominionists met at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. They were led by Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, and Lou Engle, now more powerful Christians than Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, and Robert Jeffries, Jr.   

   At the meeting Sheets proclaimed that the Department of Justice and the FBI are trying to destroy Trump’s presidency. He stated: “We will decree the exposing and failure of all attempts to sabotage his presidency. We will release favor over him, enabling him to accomplish everything for which God sent him to the White House—including the turning of the Supreme Court! President Trump will fulfill all of God’s purposes for him.” Is this why King Donald said he could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and get away with it?  

Are The Rapture And The End Times Coming Soon?     

   Many evangelical Christians believe in the End Times and the Rapture. The Rapture is an apocalyptical evangelical Christian vision of the future, a final battle between good and evil, and the second coming of Jesus Christ, when the faithful will ascend to Heaven and the rest will go to Hell. If you are a passenger on one of the 6,000 passenger jets in the sky at any one time in the U.S. and you wake up and notice a pile of clothing on the seat next to you, if you are an evangelical, you know you have not been Raptured. You are a real inner. Better check the cockpit. If there are piles of clothing on both the pilot’s and co-pilot’s seats you are in a heap of trouble. Dominionists believe that if they are “good Christians” they will be Raptured to heaven naked as jaybirds.   

   The Rapture will occur 1,000 years before the End Times that signal the end of the world. If you are not Raptured you are going to suffer a period of political chaos and personal torment for your time on earth. Some Christians who believe the Rapture is just around the corner have maxed out their credit cards because they think they are good enough to be Raptured to Heaven before the bill is due.

   These are Trump voters. A disappointed Dominionist reports she didn’t make college plans because she knew she would be Raptured before freshmen “Beanie” week. Well, she’s still here, working at a fast food joint. I don’t know if she voted for King Donald. King Donald just added televangelist Paula White, who is a millionaire prosperity gospel preacher who owns a million-dollar home in a gated Florida community and a $3.5 million condo in Trump Towers in New York, as his spiritual adviser and as director of the administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative. It’s supposed to fight poverty and improve health care! She claims she brought Trump “to Christ” in 2002. The thrice-married White and Trump had once planned to build a giant crystal megachurch in Florida where she could preach the prosperity gospel. The two cons were a good match but didn’t get it done. She spent last Easter Sunday selling “resurrection seeds” in her church guaranteeing purchasers eternal life for the bargain price of $1,144.

   This is a much better deal than the Vatican when it sold indulgences to shorten your stay in Purgatory by six weeks, Later she asked her followers for a month’s pay or they would have to pay heavenly consequences. This is why the Dominionists and other evangelical Christian subsets support King Donald. It’s a real messy “spiritual” concoction of race, religion, and the Almighty Dollar.   

   One of my favorite cynics, H.L. Mencken of the Baltimore Evening Sun, wrote this prophecy in 1920: “As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.” Truer words were never written.