Dwarfish Cherry Stash Accident Could Save the World

Jim Lundstrom

With the first sip of Cherry Chouffe, I am reminded of a pleasant childhood flavor – Smith Brothers wild cherry cough drops.


I know you’re thinking I’m crazy by fondly recalling a cough drop flavor, but the cherry drops did not taste medicinal, as the Smith Bros. menthol and black licorice drops did. The cherry drops were life affirming, as in, I may be a sick kid with a sore throat or cough, but this cherry flavor tells me I have a bright future.

This is an incredible 8 percent beer that gives no indication of alcohol. It could be a cherry soda, albeit with a tendency toward beautiful Belgian lace.
The brewery has created a fantasy world centered around their “dwarfs.” The brewery’s fairy tale about this particular beer explains that the dwarfs love Achooufe beers and the “juicy cherries which grow in their magical region.”
The dwarfs store their cherry stash in the lofts of the brewery when a happy accident happened one day when the floor gave way and the cherries fell into a vat of McChouffe, the brewery’s Belgian take on carmelly Scotch ale.
The result is an incredible experience that has to be experienced to be believed.
This is another beer I believe could solve the world’s troubles if it were on tap in every household. Pour a glass for yourself and feel the weight of the world lift as this creamy cherry beer soothes your troubled soul.
Troubled, you say? My soul isn’t troubled. Yes it is. If it isn’t, then you are soulless. Everyone’s soul is troubled. That is the human condition.
And Cherry Chouffe, I say, will fix it for you. Please, someone give our troubled world leaders a Cherry Chouffe immediately. Intravenously, if necessary. It’s obviously the missing element in their confused lives. After an infusion of Cherry Chouffe they will feel like champs instead of the hopeless losers they seem to aspire to be.