Gary Kohl’s myth of censorship and persecution

Peter Johnson

In Gary Kohl’s recent (April 4th 2019) article in Reader, he spends a great deal of time comparing the nobility of the anti-vaccine movement, (or anti-over vaccine movement), as he prefers to call it, by citing the inspiring words of Lutheran Minister Martin Niemoller, who stood bravely as a voice which dared to criticize Hitler and his media control tactics, such as burning books and other brutal  policies of the Nazis. 

There is no dispute by myself or among civilized people everywhere about the incredible bravery shown by Niemoller, a noble man who is now an iconic figure cherished by all who seek to take brave stands that promote human compassion. But, there are many less revered movements which DO NOT PARALLEL NIEMOLLER’S MORAL COURAGE. Unfortunately one of them is the current anti-vaccine movement. 

Consequently whenever I research the details of anti-vaccine testimonials I find that the full story is usually untold. Take for example Gary’s reference to the story spread by Christina England about a parent who accused a medical doctor of emotionally blackmailing  her. It concerns Alisa Heathery, who took her unvaccinated baby boy to that doctor. Here is part of the story, which questions Christina England’s account:

“If you’re shocked that someone would defend the murder of a child by trying to tie it to vaccines, you shouldn’t. This is a common thing that anti-vaccine people are doing the world over. Ms. England also takes blog posts from known anti-vaccine sites, misreads and misinterprets the “evidence” presented in those blog posts, and writes her own blog post about how there is “evidence” that non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.”

“If you look at her bio page on (a known cesspool of conspiracy theories in its own right) you’ll see that Ms. England never had any formal training in epidemiology, yet she continuously criticizes epidemiological studies. This would be funny if it wasn’t so goddamned serious. She adds “HND” to her name, meaning that she obtained a “Higher National Diploma,“ something that is equivalent to about two years of a bachelor’s degree (or an Associate’s Degree here in the United States)….She also claims to have taken “A Level in Psychology” (a vocational certificate) and have a BTEC certificate (also a vocational certificate) in learning disabilities.”

From the link below:

“…what I’ve found to be one of the most disturbing antivaccine claims of all is the assertion that shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is a “misdiagnosis for vaccine injury.” SBS is the name originally given to a triad of findings consisting of subdural hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage, and encephalopathy. More recently, because the syndrome is more complex than the original description suggested, these days the syndrome is more properly referred to as non-accidental head injury or abusive head trauma. This particularly vile antivaccine lie has popped up again with a story I recently became aware of, that of Amanda Sadwosky, whose father Elwood Sadowsky is currently in prison for killing her and whose mother Tonya Sadowsky is trying to win him a new trial…” 

“I want you to think about a dead baby. This baby was ten weeks old when he died. The autopsy revealed bleeding around the brain, in the eyes and in the spinal column. There were bruises on the sides of his head. Another thing that the autopsy showed was four broken ribs. These fractures had started to heal, and therefore indicated a pattern of physical abuse prior to the date of death. The father admitted to holding the baby by his feet and hitting him shortly before he died:


(my words)

And, so it goes—whenever I really look into the claims made by anti-overvaccination activists I find that the truth is not what first meets the eye—including the analysis of  those who judge vaccines as being akin to horror stories spread by  pro-vaccination advocates.

I remember a time, during which many public figures in Washington DC and Hollywood were falsely portrayed by Senator Gene McCarthy as being secret Communists—and as little more than traitors for attending even a single meetings of the Communist party, (only out of curiosity)! consequently, some of them were so distraught that they  committed suicide after their reputations and careers were torn to shreds by McCarthy’s bogus claims. It wasn’t until a media icon of the time, (Edward R Morrow), directly confronted McCarthy and  managed to dismantle his fortress of lies and deceits before we began awakening from the horrible and paranoid BS he tried to spread. 

 911 has also been questioned by thousands of conspiracy theorists who suggest that President Bush, or some inside and nefarious cabal, deliberately planed the attack on the World Trade center in order to benefit Bush and his cronies in some as yet, unknown way, by killing almost 3000  American citizens, attacking our own Pentagon, and crashing ill-fated flight 93 into a Pennsylvania field after valiant attempts were made by Passengers to gain control of the cockpit. But 911 conspiracy theorists sought to promote suspicions concerning how the attack was carried out. And, to that end, 911 conspiracy believers focused on anomalies they didn’t understand—converting them into false smoking gun evidence….such as the oft repeated claim that the fires started by the jetliners could not have burned hot enough to “melt,” the steel beams supporting the Towers….However, engineers and architects who have researched the collapses, have long ago determined that the steel DID NOT HAVE TO MELT—since the fires near each impact location needed only to compromise the structural integrity of the steel, until the intense heat weakened it by as much as 50%!....”

 I learned this bit of physics by referencing plain old metallurgical websites, all of which confirmed the same information about the behavior of  structural steel when exposed  to temperatures approaching 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

 To Gary’s credit, he does confirm the accuracy of information gathered by mainstream scientists, which  proves that human caused global warming is happening and will only get worse until some serious changes are made. However, for Gary, the science is undeniably correct when it validates human caused global warming. But at the same time the same science is portrayed by Gary as proof that a hideous collective of Ebenezer Scrooge like doctors, promote wicked vaccines? To determine the truth or falseness of such claims a  good practice is to simply to google a list of articles written by Kohls concerning the crooked use of industry promoted vaccines and listing the many anti—over-vaccination articles Kohls has had published in print.

 Thus I decided to google—“A list of articles written by Gary Kohls.” and in response I receive at least 3 pages of direct hits,  as well as dozens of others pertaining  to the same topic. So, please excuse me Gary if the facts indicate that you are far from being persecuted for your views?—below are just three of your posted articles, which I googled below.

“Mar 28, 2019 - Gary G. Kohls, MD. author ... America has been Taken Over by Anti-democratic Forces that are ... A Comprehensive List of Vaccine-Associated Toxic Reactions. Gary ... (This article contains extensive excerpts from a Duty to Warn column that was published on the Global Research website on May 11, 2016).”

 “Dr Gary G. Kohls is a retired family practitioner, who specialized in holistic medicine ... Adam Schiff, the Persecution and Criminalization of Anti-Over-Vaccination ... has written one of the best articles concerning the issue of vaccine toxicology that I have ever… ... According to the vaccine package inserts, a list of side effects includes ...”

Gary G. Kohls, MD |


“Jan 30, 2019 – 

Dr Kohls is a retired physician who practiced holistic, non-drug, ... Articles by Author ... To my Colleagues in the Anti-Over-Vaccination Activist Community: ... A Comprehensive List of Vaccine-Associated Toxic Reactions · Gary ...”165 results - Gary G. Kohls, MD | Duty to Warn – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Feb 2019 ...”

 As anyone can see, at least 165 articles were written by Gary Kohls, and dozens of others about the same topics were revealed when I simply googled  “Articles written by Gary Kohls,” (pertaining to his anti-over-vaccine crusade). So, once more, forgive me Gary, if the only  response I can make is ,“poor pitiful, persecuted you! ” You are so very far from being squelched! The truth is, many dozens of your articles are peppered across the web, and/or have very frequently appeared in print!

 Finally about government agencies supposedly owned by Big Pharma:

 “Few remember that back in the late 1980s, there was a ‘drug lag’ in the U.S. versus other parts of the world. Because of a lack of resources at the FDA, drugs were being approved at a much slower rate in the U.S. than in Europe…As a result, patients, physicians, advocacy groups, and pharmaceutical companies were all concerned that access to important new medicines was being denied to Americans.”

 To solve this problem, Congress enacted the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of 1992. PDUFA provided a mechanism whereby charges were levied on pharmaceutical companies for each new drug application (NDA) filed. The revenues from these ‘user fees’…. were used to hire 600 new drug reviewers and support staff….Consequently, the FDA was able to reduce review times of NDAs to 12 months for standard NDAs and to 6 months for priority applications that involved significant advances over existing treatment.” But the “evil” Dr. Gorski, believes that the application process needs to be lengthened!

 In reality, Big Pharma is not controlling the FDA— i.e (the FDA), which is part of the government, is currently being influenced Mostly by Donald Trump!

 About objective proof?

 “There is already ample evidence that vaccines do not elevate the risk of autism. A 2015 study of more than 95,000 children found no association between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and an increased risk of autism — even among children with a family history of the disorder (A. Jain et alJ. Am. Med. Assoc. 313, 1534–1540; 2015).”

 About the many studies conducted to determine the safety of MMR vaccines—two examples;



 In closing—lets realize that Grief and anger are emotions shared on both sides—including parents who accept Science based medicine, but fear that unvaccinated children also attending their children’s schools, may transfer infectious diseases to their own children. However both side are justified in expressing their parental concerns, and both are seeking knowledge from websites and/or professionals. So let’s not condemn those who we disagree with, as being immoral, insensitive Jerks! 

Now, about a misunderstanding:

About Dr. Paul Offit and the 10,000 vaccines hoopla:

“It doesn’t mean a literal injection of 10,000 vaccine doses. That’s over 10 liters of fluid injected, which would kill even a large adult with fluid overload. And it would necessitate 10,000 separate injections which would be difficult, again, even on a large adult. This is how the anti-science “thinkers” work – not understanding what he actually meant.”

 “If the anti-vaxxers would take the time to actually read scientific literature, Dr. Offit explains why multiple vaccines are not a danger to children. He did not claim that 10,000 actual vaccines could be injected into any child. He’s a well-educated, well trained expert on children’s immune systems, and his comment was about the immune system--not about actual injections!

 The child’s immune system is assaulted by millions of antigens every day. If it were weak and pathetic, as preferred by the anti-vaccine world, sure, 10,000 vaccines would be terrible. But the child’s immune system is quite strong.”

(My words)

Taking the words of an esteemed expert like Dr. Paul Offit as literally meaning 10,000 injections, would be akin to claiming that Albert Einstein could not add 2+2!