RE: Are Big Pharma and the healthcare industry, evil?

About Drug companies and their liability issues

Peter Johnson

About Drug companies and their liability issues:
“A manufacturer who produces and sells a defective vaccine that creates a risk of significant injury to the recipient is liable to any person injured by that defect under the principles stated in section 402A of the Restatement of Torts 2d.3This is thought to be the law in every American jurisdiction. The key portion of section 402A states:”

“A manufacturer is not liable for harm caused by a nondefective product due to its inherent or unavoidable dangerousness. Thus, if a properly manufactured vaccine will cause harmful side effects in some portion of the recipient population, the manufacturer of the vaccine is not liable for those side effects. This principle is the subject of comment k to section 402A.”

The second paragraph above describes drugs or any “non-defective” products like vaccines, which may cause possible sides effects. In such cases the manufacturers are not liable because the dangers posed to users are not hidden yet are unable to be completely avoided—i.e. the form you are asked to sign before receiving a particular kind of surgery explains the risks involved in that surgery. Thus, an appendectomy that  could cause Injury or death can be performed anyway, since its benefits far outweigh its risks—Just as any drug or vaccine might possess potential risks to its users—i.e. a particular vaccine may cause heart failure in a very small percent of its users.

About the supposedly infamous Dr. David Gorski:
Perhaps the celebrated Dr. deserves a chance to defend himself against the claims of anti-vaccine and pseudo-science advocates like Mike Adams the founder of “Natural News.”
“I’ve saved the worst two for last. First of these is Adams’ unforgivable attempt to insinuate that I worked with or approved of Dr. Farid Fata’s evil (and, yes, he is evil). The truth is that I’ve personally never met Fata or communicated with him, much less worked with him. More importantly, I have nothing but contempt for the man, as I have related in the past. I am glad he is in prison. If there was anyone who richly deserved being in prison for a long, long time, it’s Dr. Fata. I also resent Adam’s attempt to use me to smear the Karmanos Cancer Institute, which is an excellent cancer center, one of 41 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers and a center I am proud to be part of. As far as I know, Fata was a private oncologist who ran a chain of clinics in the Detroit suburbs. He never had privileges at Karmanos and never practiced here, Adam’s lies otherwise and apparent harassment of a nurse at St. John’s Hospital notwithstanding. Indeed, Dr. Fata is universally despised by every oncologist I know who has heard of him, as well he should be. So desperate is Adams to slime me with his lies I expect that his next post will feature a crude Photoshop job showing Dr. Fata and me shaking hands.”

Nuff said?
“And then there are those who take data and create some interesting graphs to convince us that “Vaccines Didn’t Save Us” when they actually did. They graph mortality numbers and say that it dropped long before vaccines came along to prevent diseases. But they conveniently  ignore  morbidity (i.e. the number of cases) because that rate clearly dropped like a rock after vaccines were introduced (as shown in the CDC chart below).”
 However, even if you only graph mortality (i.e. the number of deaths), and see that the number of deaths from measles did drop way lower before vaccine were available, that’s not because we don’t need vaccines—morality rates dropped because initially, there was better sanitation and general healthcare used to treat people who had contracted the measles. However, many cases were still there, causing misery and/or death. And, as you can see (above) when the vaccine began being used, there were still about 450,000 cases. So, if you contend that the MMR vaccine was not needed because magically, measles would have been completely eradicated anyway, then you’ll probably agree with the graph below:

How’s that for deception?
If you only graph mortality you might think that better sanitations and healthcare practices alone kept measles from occurring because mortality rates had already come way down--then you might believe the second graph. However, if you still  think it’s worthwhile to strike a decisive blow against the occurrence of measles in the first place—before they can injure or take any more lives, then the first graph illustrates how vaccines have truly helped accomplish that goal.

Also, note that, the first graph begins in 1950 and ends at 2000, while the second one begins 50 years before the start of that first graph? Thus, all the  larger and earlier data on the second graph, depicting (mortality rates)—looks way more dramatic than the  drop in the actual number of cases, (as recorded on the first graph), when vaccine usage became widespread (in about the mid-1960s)--and measles were still taking the lives of children.

 Yes, we all know that big pharma’s executives are sometimes grossly overcompensated, and that companies have been grossly irresponsible when marketing drugs that should have been tested more thoroughly before entering the market place. However, if we are to believe Gary Kohls, then every last person in the health care industry shares in their deceptions—from  the microbiologists who do ground breaking research, the sales reps who sell them, the Doctors who recommend vaccinations, (or don’t)—and the numerous Physicians assistants and Registered Nurses who can also prescribe. However, I personally have had many doctors who refused to prescribe drugs that they thought might be harmful to me, and I have had doctors who spent about half an hour examining their patients extensively and thoroughly. So how does Kohls jump from known cases of institutional and executive abuse to claims that virtually every healthcare professional in the world is receiving kickbacks after deliberately recommending inoculations that they (supposedly) knew very well, would kill children? 

 Human beings are not always good and not always bad, but Gary and anti-vaccine advocates in general, seem to have completely negative views of humanity and of the many dedicated professionals who have committed their lives to taking care of our health! So, tell me, which views are based on cognitive dissonance and which are not?