Photo: Skye Mitchell and the Night Cap 
Photo credit: Felicity Bosk. Skye Mitchell and the Night Cap 

Before Blackwater closes for a few months, I stopped in for a Christmas cocktail. The bartender, Skye Mitchell, has actually been interviewed for this column by Paul Whyte a few years ago at this very same bar. I ordered one of Mitchell’s favorite drinks, the Night Cap. 

Featured Bartender 

Mitchell loves bartending because of the connections she gets to make with people. “It’s not something you get at a 9 to 5 job,” she said of the face to face relationships she gets to make with so many people every day. 

Favorite thing about Christmas? 

“The holiday spirit, the giving mood, the jolliness,” she said as well as of course the time off everyone gets around the holidays. 

Featured drink

The Night Cap is made of bailyes, kahlua, cold press coffee, and ameretto. It tastes like a three musketeers bar. It’s very creamy and very chocolatey. The coffee inst really noticeable until the after-taste. It smells delightful too. The ameretto’s almond scent is very noticeable even if within the drink its flavor doesn’t stand out.