Kai Soderberg shows off the hot buttered rum - photo by Felicity Bosk 
Kai Soderberg shows off the hot buttered rum - photo by Felicity Bosk 

The Rathskeller is one of those Superior Street hidden gems - maybe that’s because it’s on Michigan Street. Those who have been there speak highly of it largely for its aesthetic value and also for the quality of drinks. They’ve got a warm winter drink for the Christmas season I knew I had to try. 

Featured Bartender 

Kai Soderberg got into bartending as a way of paying for school. He enjoys it because it’s impossible to get bored. He said bartending is a job people have come to take more seriously and those in the craft are expanding the ideas of what you drinks you can make. “It never gets boring,” he said. 

Favorite thing about Christmas? 

The fragrances associated with Christmas are the first thing that came to Soderberg’s mind. He is especially loves the smell of mulled wine they have around the winter season. 

Featured Drink

The Hot Buttered Rum is made from Bacardi 8 year, a batter made from brown sugar, cloves, nutmeg and butter, and some hot water. “It’s kind of a tiki drink but it’s warm so it’s suited for up north,” Soderberg said. 

How is it? 

It tastes like butterscotch with a smokey hint to it. It’s creamy and almost has a chocolate aftertaste to it. In my notebook, I wrote in big letters, “Warms My Soul.” It was quite warm and toasty which really is well suited for Duluth.