And now for your viewing pleasure—the Doctrine of Patriotism

Forrest Johnson

Well, now that we’ve closed the borders and locked up the migrant children I guess it was time for President Rumpt to proclaim that we Americans are living under the “Doctrine of Patriotism” and let the rest of the world cower in our greatness.

After the faux president told those assembled at the U.N. that his presidency in two years had accomplished more than nearly any other in history we found out that he’s not only a boob and a liar but he’s a comedian as well! Those in attendance didn’t know that not only would they hear a bogus and inaccurate speech but they’d get a little comedy, too. That’s the great part of show biz, always getting a little more that you’d expected. Yes, that’s why we elected him, folks, we’ve got the greatest sideshow on earth.

Comedy, drama, intrigue, regret, prison sentences, man, we get it all with this guy and his minions of misinformation.

What the hell is the “Doctrine of Patriotism?”

From a guy with five deferments to avoid Vietnam what the hell is the “Doctrine of Patriotism?”

Sounds a bit like a gentler, kinder version of fascism to me.

The Doctrine of Patriotism.

Mr. Rumpt wasn’t talking to the rest of the world with his speech since what the hell do they care what this guy says anymore? Nope, this was a great lead for his base, you know, those folks who go to the rallies and cheer like crazy for lies and misinformation since about 70 percent of what he says is either a lie or misinformation. Yep, people in the press, “the enemy of the people,” have counted up all the falsehoods and fabrications and run the numbers and it turns out that between 68-70 percent of what comes out of his mouth to the adoring fans of the sideshow are inaccurate to say the least.

But to a gentler or kinder fascist and his followers the Doctrine of Patriotism is another slogan they can eat up and fly along with the flag and then get mad at football players for taking a knee to protest what is, in effect, is a kinder and gentler fascism called injustice.

Rumpt has now become the most famous sideshow barker of all time. He lures them in to see the show that has no truth, no honesty and, after all is said and done, nothing that will benefit his people in the end. They will have more pollution, less money in their pocket, more anger with a world changing around them.

But the good showman always promises more and he will promise more and more until the real world closes in on the charade and he pops and all that’s left is a flap of hair and a pair of shiny shoes.

Sorry folks, but you’ve been bamboozled.

The Doctrine of Patriotism.

What the hell is that.

Sounds like another setup for a division among people, a chasm. 

Since when are lying and threatening and bullying patriotic gestures? Doesn’t matter to the showman, the sideshow barker. Just take the money, make up another whopper to keep the truth at bay and plan another rally for the shills who believe in the cause.

Analyzing what Rumpt said to those assembled at the U.N. will be left up to the real comedians who speak truth every day. It’ll sure be fun to hear what they have to say in the next few days in what is the short arc of our national disgrace.