Friday, July 20  3 -11pm

Duluth-Bayfront Festival Park • Free Event

Gate opens at 2 pm — Music at 3 pm — No Outside Food or Beverages


Cloud Cult

Cloud Cult began as Craig Minowa’s solo studio project, and over the course of 10 studio albums the band has grown with an evolving lineup of musicians. Cloud Cult has received accolades including MTV, New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and has had several albums at the top of the college radio charts. They've declined major record label deals in favor of staying independent. Rolling Stone ranks Cloud Cult in the Top 10 greenest bands. 



Also Featuring


This pop and indie funk dance group Alamode germinated from talk on the sands of Park Point beach. Guitarist Peter Knutson was on board for “something fresh, exciting and with a danceable groove” as drummer Rio Daugherty and bassist Alex Piazza dreamed next to Lake Superior in August of 2015. They added vocals from Nathan Holte and keyboard from Ned Netzel and got started under the band name Playdate. After a year of making a name for themselves, band members received a cease-and-desist letter from another group called Playdate, and a rebranding was in order. In February the moniker Àlamode was chosen. After a year of recording, the band's debut album "Swell" was released in January 2018.

Todd Eckart

An amalgam of raw energy, classic charm, bi-gone era romance and formidable stage presence, grace every note of Todd Eckart’s live performance. He is part wistful crooner, part country song-smith, and equal measure rock-n-roll heart throb. Reminiscent of the days when a man armed only with his guitar, his songs, and a burning desire to tell his story could pour out his soul to a back beat, and in a manner of speaking, conquer the world, the charts, but most poignantly and infinitely, and most importantly, touch the hearts of many a listener male and female … young and old alike. It is this special alchemy of kinetic energy, raw talent, and sincerity of soul that Todd’s music possesses.


Wood Blind features the combo of Duluth mainstay and guitarist Jason Wussow and Los Angeles studio/ touring bass player Veikko Lepisto. Wussow’s credits include the bands Flux Skapacitor, No Room to Pogo, Yeltzi, Fuzzy Ellis and ownership of all-ages music venue Beaner’s Central. Lepisto has worked with Mike Ness of Social Distortion, Royal Crown Revue and Bette Midler while on the West Coast. Teamed together they make acoustic ska à la 1960s Jamaica and ‘70s England. Their sets include traditional reggae, ska versions of classic rock and R&B hits, and original rocksteady numbers.

Nat Harvie Trio

Duluth native Nat Harvie drew attention with his high school band, Vivielle, which eventually broke up after the members went off to college. After putting out some solo material, Harvie formed Nat Harvie Trio, a post-glam alt rock and "100 percent queer" solo project that also features bassist Becca DeBoer (Red Mountain) and drummer Sam Williams (Chase Down Blue). The trio put out its first album, “Nat Harvie's Broken Record,” earlier this year.

Ingeborg von Agassiz

Ingeborg von Agassiz has lived various lives: a songstress in bar halls, an accompanist in churches, a teacher of small children, and a painter, to name a few.  In northern Minnesota, churches and bars define much of existence - where people go for answers, to celebrate life’s blessings, and to mourn life’s losses. Ingeborg’s music explores these ups and downs of life with the playfulness, curiosity, and confidence of a child.  2018 sees the release of her debut album, O Giver of Dreams, and many Ingeborg von Agassiz performances to come.


 Kids Korner: 3-6 pm

Music with Dan the Monkey Man • Climbing Wall

Bounce House • Face Painting • Magic Village