Photo credit: Felicity Bosk
Photo credit: Felicity Bosk

Within the bowling alley Incline Station is the bar and restaurant, The Spot. It’s a relaxed dining establishment with delicious food and the bar allows bowlers to get a variety of adult beverages while playing. Being a bowling alley bar, they aren’t exactly known for their cocktails like other Superior Street lounges, but I wanted to stop by for one anyway. Their food has always been good, so must be their drinks. 

Featured Bartender 

This is Jonah Emerson’s first batending job and has been at it for two years. He loves it, especially the human interactions. “Just tonight I met a couple that got engaged literally today,” he said smiling as he told me all about them and the baby they have on the way. He also enjoys reading, video games, bowling, photography, doing yard work, and his cats. 

More about his cats 

“Coconut and loaf are their names. Their both 12. Yes, loaf lives up to her name. She is very fat. Loaf likes staring out the window at night to feel the breeze which I know because she walks over me and wakes me up to get to the window. Coconut likes screaming at the walls all night because she’s deaf and has dementia.” He said “I just went to Animal Allie’s and it was like an adoption day so it was 10 bucks for both cats because they said they were best friends which was an absolute a lie because they hate each other.” 

Featured Drink 

The Fuzzy Navel is a classic cocktail. The key traditional ingredients are peach schnapps and orange juice. The Spot adds grenadine and garnishes with an orange wedge. Another bar patron compared it to a tequila sunrise but with peach schnapps, which is basically accurate. It is known for being a young-persons drink because it does not taste like alcohol much at all. 

How is it? 

The primary flavor that hits you is the peach. The orange juice adds a bit of citrus and nullifies any actual alcohol flavor. The orange slice adds an aromatic orange addition. Emerson said “it’s easy to make, and easy to drink-- it gets the job done.” I’ve actually never had a fuzzy navel before this experience so I fully understand now when people tell me it tastes like juice. And honestly after a hard day at work sometimes you do just want a simple fruity cocktail that hits the spot.