North Tower Avenue welcomed a new small businesses this past weekend. Superior Impact, a Herbalife shake, smoothie, and juice bar opened its doors in the plaza between 10th & 11th streets in Superior. 
“Basically, we are a nutrition club. We serve total meal replacement smoothies and energizing teas. You get a cute little aloe shot to go with it. It’s all included when you come in,” said Alexandra Bodendorfer, owner of Superior Impact. “We are also wellness coaches so if you come in and you have weight loss or weight gain goals that you want to reach we can help you with that.” 

She said their name is also their mission: to make an impact on Superior. She describes her business as a health club, meaning they provide health coaching. In the future she hopes to have a space big enough to do “fit camps or some sort of exercise.” 
Bodendorfer has been wanting to open a shake and smoothie bar for a few years, but things really got moving this past April. They opened their doors June 29. What makes them different from other Herbalife shake and smoothie bars around the Twin Ports is their atmosphere; they strive to be a friendly environment with the best first impressions. 

“Herbalife products have always been really important to me because I got on the products four years ago and within the first two years I lost 40 pounds,” she said.
She explained to me the meal: a shake, a cup of tea, and an aloe shot. The shake has all your daily vitamins and minerals, according to Bodendorfer. The tea is to energize and help metabolize. She said the aloe does for your inside organs what it does for your skin. 
Bodendorfer likes being on North Tower. “You can really feel all these small businesses kind of coming together,” she said, and that the vibe she gets is “community over competition.” Superior is her home, she said, and she’s is excited to have her business there.