Two doors down from the Duluth Coffee Company’s cafe is their bar. It’s called The Roastery and they take their values, mission, and love for drinks to the next level serving cocktails and local beers that use their coffee. They are also Trampled by Turtles and Prince fans, evident by the first drink on their cocktail menu, “When Palomas Cry” described as a cocktail you won’t have to “wait so long” for. 

Featured Bartender 

Becca DeBoer said their main occupation is director of training and education for the DCC. They’re not usually behind the bar at The Roastery, but they said the head bartender broke his toe so they were filling in. “I’m really in it for the coffee,” they said about their job as a barista. DeBoer likes how they try to have their customers understand how many people are effected by the coffee trade and where their cup of coffee really is coming from. As they’ve begun to work more shifts behind the bar, DeBoer is learning more about art of bartending and has been working to make classic cocktails with attention to detail. 

Featured Drink 

When Palomas Cry is described on their menu as a carbonated drink that bursts to life with grapefruit and orange. They use Tattersal’s Crema’s and Coppy & King’s immature brandy. It is garnished with thyme for aromatics, with a grapefruit and an orange slice as well. 

How is it? 

It is smooth and sweet and delicious. The thyme, lemon, and grapefruit make this drink a really aromatic experience. “Like boosy Fresca,” DeBoer said. I liken it to a boozy La Croix. No matter what sparkling water you prefer, When Palomas Cry is, like any good Paloma, a drinkable cocktail perfect for the summer.