Photo credit: Felicity Bosk
Photo credit: Felicity Bosk

Shorty’s was one of the bars I visited along Tower Avenue on my 21st birthday as I am sure it was for a lot of Superiorites. I enjoy Shorty’s, largely for their food but also for their bar area. The walls are lit up with bright flashy signs and interesting memorabilia. It is a popular spot, so I knew I had to try one one of their cocktails 

Featured Bartender 

Alissa Sarri has been bartending on and off for a few years, and has been at Shorty’s for almost a year. She said she enjoys her job because it is a fun atmosphere. She also has a dog named Benny. Benny is a two-year-old Yorkie Shih Tzu mix that Sarri loves to take for walks on Duluth’s lakewalk. 

Featured Drink 

I asked for something popular and I was was not surpried by what I was given. It is called the Sweet Tart. It is made with sprite, vodka, sweet & sour mix and blue island pucker. Sarri said it was originally a shot but is now made as a full drink and that it is popular especially with the younger crowd. 

How is it? 

It’s pretty sweet, that is for sure. It really does taste like a sweet tart. It reminds me of Halloween, probably because that’s the only time I ear sweet tarts. It also tastes a lot like a blue freeze-pop. It’s an easy, yummy cocktail.