Photo credit: Felicity Bosk
Photo credit: Felicity Bosk

The Boat Club is a fairly recent addition to the Bob Dylan Way shops and to the Fitgers complex. It is a restaurant that celebrates the Twin Port’s maritime aesthetic. The dining room features a large long window allowing customers to see ships traveling across the lake as they leave or arrive at their destination. The bar has a long list of cocktails available for enjoyment, one of which is inspired by a Minnesota legend. 

Featured Bartender 

Travis Holt is new-ish to Duluth. He moved here a year and a half ago with his girlfriend. He has worked at a few places around town like the Endion Station and Blind Pig. He was “bit by the bug at a young age,” he said after working at the Dakota Jazz Club. There he fell into a group of bartenders that were at the top of their game in cocktailing and mixology and he fell in love with it. 

What do you like about Duluth? 

Holt enjoys a wide variety of recreational activities which is what he loves about Duluth. He said that the natural setting is the perfect backdrop for all sorts of outdoor activities. He is especially interested in getting more into cycling this year. He said that cycling is a little more difficult in Duluth than in the Cities but that he is determined to meet that challenge. 

Featured Drink 

The drink is called Purple Reign. Holt told me it was created by the general manager who is a huge Prince fan. It is made up of equal parts ciroc coconut, and prairie organic vodka. It also has lavender syrup and fresh squeezed lemon with a lemon twist as a garnish. It is shaken in ice to poured into a martini glass.

How is it? 

The drink is well shaken giving it a frothy and cool texture. The flavors you taste all at once are the lavender, coconut and lemon. The lavender is the dominating color but the flavor takes a back seat. The lemon adds scent as well as a sweet and sour addition to the lavender, and a contrast to the coconut flavor.