Pak’s Green Corner Re-Opening in Superior 

Felicity Bosk 


Photo credits: Felicity Bosk
Photo credits: Felicity Bosk

Pak’s Green Corner: A World Cafe closed its West Duluth location in 2014, but plans to reopen this June in Superior. 

The predominantly Thai food restaurant is owned by Pak Williams. She will be operating in the building currently held by Kenny Wong’s, on Tower Ave. Kenny Wong’s is closing in May after almost 30 years in business. 

The new Pak’s Green Corner is going to only have a take-out dining option. She wants the new restaurant to be easier to manage so she won’t be stretched thin. 

“At one time I had four dishwashers, but none of them would show up,” she said about why she closed in 2014. “It made me feel like I cannot rely on anybody. I thought I would have to do everything by myself, alone. And I was afraid that everything was going to go downhill, and I would get a bad name. If I get out before I get a bad name, that would be better.”

She closed not long after her restaurant was featured on the television show Diners, Dives and Drives.

What makes Pak’s unique is that you are not a stranger at this restaurant. Williams said she tried to get to know to every customer that came in, and what food they liked. 

“I think what people like about it is that they feel like this is their friends home,” she said. 

She wants people to know that even though its not full service, the food and the atmosphere will be the same.

“Even though it is in Superior now, if your food is good, people will come to you.”