Wisconsin Election Results: Incumbents Remain on Council, Dallet Wins Court Seat 

Felicity Bosk 

Wisconsinites headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote on a number of issues. In Superior odd-numbered district’s elected city councilors. Across the state, people decided between two judges for the state Supreme Court, and voted on a referendum to eliminate the position of state treasurer.

As of this articles writing Tuesday night, the results are still technically unofficial. 

On the city council, Warren Bender, Tyler Elm, and Keith Kern ran against Amanda Perrin, Martina Tendrup, and Jessica Peterson respectively. Elm was elected to a seat he was appointed to after the resignation of former councilor Graham Garfield. Brent Fennessey, Dan Olson and Ruth Ludwig won after running unopposed in their districts. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court seat was left open after judge Michael Gableman did not seek reelection for the 10-year position. Rebecca Dallet, who ran on a liberal platform won against Micheal Screncock who ran on a conservative platform. In Douglas County Dallet won with just over 62 percent of the vote. 

Wisconsinites were asked “to eliminate the office of state treasurer from the constitution and to replace the state treasurer with the lieutenant governor as a member of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.” 75 percent of people in Douglas County voted no, along with the rest of the state. 

Voter turnout for Douglas County was just over 29 percent of registered voters.