Carnegie Library somberly wonders why nobody wants it

Northland Enquirer

Felicity Bosk 

The Carnegie Library spent Saturday night alone, again, on Hammond Ave. in Superior. The library opened a bottle of merlot and toasted to another year of no body wanting to buy them. “God, I’m so alone,” the library cried. 

Potential suitors have come and gone so many times over the years, the library has given up any hope that this time will be different. “Maybe I’m not pretty enough,” it thinks to itself as it looks in the mirror. Ever since the fire, its had some self confidence issues. 
There was a time when everything was different. People visited all the time! They spent their day reading away and enjoying themselves inside its walls. The Carnegie library was so loved, and it loved its city back. But the past is the past. 
When the library first lost all of its books, and all of its visitors, it thought this loneliness would not last long. Such a beautiful building, an architectural treasure, surely, someone would buy it, and people would love the library again. Instead, it was threatened to be destroyed. “I wished they just demolished me when they had the chance,” said the library as it sipped its third glass of merlot. 

Mariner Mall sight for new Stephen King Novel

Stephen King evaded being recognized while out in public last year because he only visited Superior’s Mariner Mall. There, he found no other souls roaming the walkways. He knew right then and there that this would be the perfect setting for this newest novel, The Mariner Mall: A Superior Horror Story.

King said the book is about a person visiting the mall on a bet from their friends. It begins as a simple task but after days of solitude in the bleak, colorless, lifeless mall the person goes mad. It is a gripping look at the inside of a human’s mind and how they can so easily lose all their sensibility when left alone in such a space for so long. 

The Mariner Mall was the perfect setting for a horror novel, said King, because it is an incredible creepy and desolate location. While most malls are loud with music and shopper’s discussions, one jumps at the smallest noise in the Mariner Mall. Are ghosts real? Are YOU real? Being in the Mariner Mall, or, reading this novel, will make you question so many things. Inside the worlds most frighteningly creepy place, you just may go mad too.