Superior Reports Housing Improvement

Felicity Bosk 

Superior, Wisconsin – Photo by Felicity Bosk
Superior, Wisconsin – Photo by Felicity Bosk

The city of Superior has released its Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for 2017. In the report, the city details how it has improved quality of life for Superior’s low to mid income residents and families over the past year.  
The purpose of the report is to show the outcomes of city funded activities, and where they are at meeting goals. These goals include ending chronic homelessness, improving neighborhood environments, repairing average housing stocks, assisting residents buy and maintain homes. 
According to the report, Superior is actively looking for a developer to construct a multi-family housing unit for low to moderate income families. “The goal of the multi-family housing unit is to enable new housing opportunities for those experiencing worst-case housing needs, disabled, veterans, homeless and low to moderate income families.” 

The city has provided funding for a Code Enforcement Officer, who has inspected and found violations in 1,339 homes. This person inspects low to moderate income homes to make sure they’re compliant with sanitation, land use, zoning, property maintenance and other state standards.The city has also worked with One Roof Housing to help rehabilitate five homes health and safety issues. 

The CAPER report said that the Superior Housing Authority approved residents to movie into the Cottages of Superior last year, a 24-unit housing development meant for low to moderate income families. 
Last year money was used by the city to help fund the organizations Transitional Housing, 72 Hour Care, Solid Rock, Harbor House Crisis Shelter, and CASDA. 
Helping residents buy and maintain a home is also a goal within the strategic plan. In 2017 eight families that were facing foreclosure received counseling services, and four households attended home buyers classes. The city has created a Housing Task Force that works to develop “all housing types.” 

This report details the second year of a four year plan spanning from 2016-2020. The city will hold a public hearing on the Consolidated Plan report on May 2. 

Belknap Street Reconstruction Beginning Again 

The center section of Belknap Street will begin it’s turn at repairs beginning March 19. This will take place from John Avenue to Birch Avenue, a ten-block distance. 
The Belknap Street Reconstruction Project seeks to replace 1.4 miles of concrete, improve safety and upgrade the underground storm sewers. It’s estimated cost is $23 million. 
During this time motorists should expect lane closures. There will also be at times complete closures of blocks including that between Hammond Avenue and Belknap Street.

Spring Clean Up Dates Set 

Superior residents can bring their garbage to the Superior Land Fill for free on April 21 & 28. Dumping Fee’s still apply if you are getting rid of a mattress or box spring. The Land Fill will not accept recyclables, electronics, batteries, construction material, hazardous waste, motor oil or florescent light bulbs. 

Dates have been set for the annual citywide clean-up. The cleanup takes place over four weeks and the city picks up from different areas of Superior every day. See the city of Superior’s website for the date of your areas cleanup. It is also noted that mattresses will not be picked up and they will not accept the same items as those listed above. The public works department encourages residents to donate items whenever possible.