Photo by Felicity Bosk
Photo by Felicity Bosk

I was getting my car fixed on Tuesday and thought it a good time to go get a cocktail. I figured in Superior a person is never more than a stones-throw from a bar and I was right. I was excited to go to Aces on 29th. I am pretty fond of this bar in part because the burgers are good, part because they have 23 beers on tap, and in part because they have a number of teleivisions you can watch multiple football games on during that season. I’ve never had a cocktail there, though. Typically I opt for the beer; they have Sam Adams Seasonal’s on tap which appeals to my New England upbringing. They also have Hamm’s, a classic American lager. But I digress--I was here for a harder drink. 

The Bartender 

I was served by Jill, who has been working at Aces on 29th for about 10 years. She doesn’t remember exactly. I asked what her favorite cocktail was and she pointed to mine and said “that one.” But she usually drinks beer. Her favorite thing about bartending are the customers. “The people are nice,” she said. 

The Drink

The Aces Martini is essentially a cosmopolitan. It’s vodka, cranberry juice, a splash of sprite, garnished with a lime. I was excited because cosmopolitans are my favorite cocktail. I was glad this one had the sprite in it. I’ve definitely had cosmo’s where the cranberry was such a strong flavor it was overwhelming but the sprite sweetened it to the level of enjoy-ability. You really can’t go wrong with this drink and my pallet: I like cranberres, I like lime, I like vodka. Whats more to love? 

How is it? 

Like I said the bitterness that comes with straight cranberry juice is cut by the sprite and the vodka. You can’t really taste the vodka but like all good cocktails you can feel it going down. They are about to put out an official cocktail menu with this one on it. I can only imagine with a name like “Aces Martini” it will be their premier drink and I’m sure it will be popular. At least when Jill made it it was the perfect combination and amounts of each ingredient.