Photo by Felicity Bosk
Photo by Felicity Bosk

Lucky’s 13 Pub opened in Southern Minnesota in 2007 and has expanded to eight locations over the next few years including Duluth. I gave this pace a visit when it first opened but haven’t made it back since then but the most memorable thing about that visit was the cocktail so I knew I had to come back to do a column. 

Featured Bartender 

Aaron Nelson was born and raised in the Duluth area and has been working at Lucky’s 13 for a little over a month. He had never had a bartending job but has been enjoying it so far. He loves Duluth especially in the summertime because there is always something to do. He was mixing drinks the night I stopped in and made a pretty sweet cocktail. 

Featured Cocktail 

I asked Nelson what cocktail was his favorite and he recommended me their most popular one, Lucky’s Lemonade. Half their menu is dedicated to drinks so I was excited to drink what customers deemed the best. It’s made from the alcohols Stoli Blueberi, and Parfait Amour. Added to that is lemonade and soda water. Stoli is a very smooth flavored vodka. Parfait Amour is a citrus liqueur that is very sweet. This gives the drink a blue hue and a blueberry flavor. 

How is it? 

It is incredibly simple. It tastes much more like lemonade than blueberry which is great because I love lemonade. Probably because the alcohol is flavored you really cannot taste it, so it is very drinkable. Honestly if I didn’t know this had alcohol or even blueberry in it already I would think this was just a glass of lemonade. I kind of want to take this recipe and sit on my porch on the hottest summer day and sip it under the sun, its really delicious and I can see why it would be their most popular drink.