Photo by Felicity Bosk
Photo by Felicity Bosk

The 310 Pub opened on February 2 in Canal Park in the location that was previously Grizzly’s. What was originally a family restaurant evolved
over time to be more of a bar and grill. The owners decided they could better cater to their customers by fully embracing this and thus the 
310 Pub was born. It has the same owners and much of the same staff and of course the same building but a new menu and some new cocktails 
to try out, including the Apple Mojito. 

Featured Bartender
Cassie Hansen started at Grizzly’s three years ago and very much likes what the new 310 pub has become. Hansen said she loves martinis, 
cosmopolitans in particular. “It’s not too sweet,” she said. “I can’t do much of those fruity, sugary drinks. Plus most bartenders know how 
to make it.” 

Featured Cocktail 
The Apple Mojito is an on-tap cocktail. It is one of many and you can chose on their cocktail list. You can also do a cocktail flight which is 
pretty neat. The Apple Mojito is made with white rum, homemade mint simple syrup, and apple juice. The cocktails are made by longtime 
bartender Zack Vietanen. He makes everything he can from scratch rather than using mixers or Sprite. The Apple Mojito comes in a 14 oz glass 
and is garnished with a lime. The price of this drink is $6 but during their happy hour it is only $3. 

How is it? 
I didn’t put the lime in my drink so it generated a very present citrus scent rather than flavor. The drink was very sweet. The simple syrup and 
apple was a more noticeable flavor than the rum. I only had a four ounce Apple Mojito (as seen in the photo) because I didn’t want to get tipsy
but on a more prepared occasion I could easily drink the full 14 oz without even noticing the alcohol. I may encounter a stomach ache from
the sweetness of it though.