Photo caption: Linda Graskey holds up a sign that reads:
Linda Graskey holds up a sign that reads: "Vodka is kind of a hobby," Betty White

Betty White is America’s grandma. Perhaps she means a little more to us here as her character was Minnesotan on the Golden Girls, or because she emanates warmth we desperately need in this region. 

She was born on January 17, 1922, making her 96 years young this year. She is famous for being a powerful woman in Hollywood television. 

She was the first woman to produce a sitcom. She played roles in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the aforementioned Golden Girls. 

She began her career in television just three months after graduating high school. Okay, enough reading her Wikipedia page. 

Lets talk about alcohol and our featured bartender. 

Featured Bartender: Lindsey Graskey is the general manager of the Spirit Room and also mixes drinks. 

Interests and Activities: Graskey loves chalk drawing and editing photos on her phone (just look at the Spirit Room’s instagram). 

She also enjoys inventing new cocktails. 

Favorite music: She enjoys everything from ska to reggae and is really into Lizzo and Prince. 

Featured cocktail: The Spirit Room has a lot of fun cocktails; some are the brain-child of Graskey. 
The Betty White Russian, though, was not a lone effort. 

“It kind of came after we had this photo of Betty White on the wall for months and someone said “oh, you should make a Betty White Russian.” 

We just kind of changed the recipe to make something complimentary to Betty White. It is vanilla liqueur, Kahula, and Bailey’s Espresso. 

It is available all year-round but today, on her birthday, the drink is being honored as well.” 

How is it? 

Basically it tasted like a standard White Russian but creamier, and a little stronger than most places but that’s not a bad thing. 

I thought the cherry was a nice touch. A standard white Russian is made with heavy cream instead of the Bailey’s and plain vodka instead of vanilla liqueur so the Spirit Room’s take on it is much more drinkable.