American Sex, Lies, and Lots of Videotape

Ed Raymond

If Men Will Be Boys, Will Women Be Girls?

This sexual harassment thing is way beyond a minor kerfuffle, but it remains to be seen if it has finally reached the ultimate tipping point. Groping private parts, grabbing butts and breasts, the laying on of hands, sextexting, propositioning, and brute force have gone on for  milleniums. If Adam did not harass Eve in the Garden of Eden, then Cain and Abel must have started it a little later. I believe in the long-held axiom a male human body contains just enough blood to operate the brain and penis—but never at the same time. Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, and other sexmongers and creeps definitely have a shortage of blood. The blood problem probably started with Adam and Eve and will not end soon, even if Our Great Leader exposed his lack of blood at least 20 times according to his present accusers. 

Sex is a very complicated, hormone-driven matter. Christine Embe in her article “Let’s Rethink Sex” in the Washington Post has a possible answer to our sexual drives: “At the bottom of all this confusion sits a fundamental misframing: that there’s some baseline amount of sex that we should be getting or at least should be allowed to pursue. Following from that is the assumption that the ability to pursue and satisfy our sexual desires—whether by hitting on that co-worker even if we’re at a professional lunch, or by pursuing a sexual encounter even when reciprocity is unclear—is paramount. At best, our sexual freedom should be circumscribed only by the boundary of consent. Any other obstacle is not to be borne.” If you have a better idea….. The consent code might eliminate flashing bathrobes, after-shower towels,  strutting around naked as Adam and Eve, public masturbating, and the elk-like bellowing of actors, rap, and rock stars in rut.

Has Love And Sex Come To This?

When wife Tine returned to her Atlanta home and husband James after spending nine months caring for her ailing mother, she discovered four sex robots under the care of her 58-year-old husband. This weird story was covered by Fiona Sturges in the “Guardian,” a newspaper that keeps up with what’s happening. Evidently Tine has left James now because of his new artificially intelligent silicone companions—but Fiona doesn’t reveal that.
Each morning he dresses them and applies makeup. If they are going to watch TV with him, he bends them into sitting positions and adjusts their eyeballs. Sometimes he takes them on picnics--which requires more personal attention. He shares a bed with them at least four times a week and has sex with them. They are his silicone sweethearts, presently unable to “respond” too much to his entreaties. But a company called Realbotix is working on sex robots that will smile, pout, flutter eyelashes, tell jokes and converse with their owner, and will have heated and lubricated private parts complete with muscle spasms and simulated orgasms. A sex consumer will have many difficult choices to make about body parts. When he was asked what he would do if he had to choose between Tine and his sex dolls, he responded: “I honestly don’t know.” Remember, I wrote sex is a complicated, hormone-driven matter.

When 81% of white evangelicals helped elect King Donald they were not making a Christian statement, they were making a political power statement. When Alabama evangelicals say they will vote for Senate candidate Roy Moore who, when in his thirties, was chasing teenage girls around a local mall and catching some of them, do they have any Christian values left?  It’s definitely a power thing, not a religious thing. 41% of white evangelicals say God involves himself in the outcome of sports. 25% think God chooses the Super Bowl winner. 28% say Donald Trump was God’s winner—and was His selection to lead the United States. One might think they are so religious they would try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Evidently political power, appointment of federal judges, anti-abortion legislation, and preservation of white power is more important than sticking to Christian ideology. Perhaps the evangelicals should reacquaint themselves with Jesus Christ by reading “The Real Jesus: What Archeology Reveals About His Life” in the latest National Geographic. What would Jesus do in this Roy Moore situation? Perhaps puke? The Bible and its readers can justify anything. During a six-month period in 1975-76 over 1.5 million pet rocks were sold to a “believing” public. Same deal.

According To The Bible The Eves Have Always Been Second-Class Slaves to Adams

If there is a religion around that does not have extremists, let me know so I can join. Among us Christians live the “Serpent Seed and Kenites” crowd who believe that Satan had sex with both Adam and Eve and that Cain might be a a product of a liaison between Satan and Eve. The serpent group believes a verse from Genesis three in the King James Version supports their idea: “And the Lord God said unto the woman: ‘What is this that thou has done? And the woman said, ‘The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” The word “beguile” also means “to seduce” or “to deceive,” according to some dictionaries.

According to Alabama conservative evangelicals who support Roy Moore, who often expresses his love for the Ten Commandments and can quote many sections of the Bible at will, his interest in having sex or intimacy with teenagers when he was in his thirties is supported by the Bible. There is nothing about women giving their consent in the Bible. Females were created to serve males and to do everything for the benefit of males. After all, Eve was made from Adam’s rib so he could have a “helpmeet” because there was no other animal in God’s world who would be a suitable companion and helper. God’s punishment for Eve leading Adam down the garden of Eden path was God’s curse: “I will greatly increase your pangs in childbearing: in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

There’s lots of sexual hanky-panky going on in almost every section of the Bible. Think of King David and Bathsheba. Think of King Solomon and his thousand wives and concubines. Nowhere in the Old or New Testament is there a single thought of a woman actually giving her consent to all this sexual hanky-panky. Women are legal chattel, the property of males, just like livestock, children, and slaves. Males own the “fruits of their womb,” thus selling off slaves born to slaves. Virginity is prized only because the price goes up for the female. Young girls were offered to old men. Feminism in the Bible is extremely rare even if Mary Magdalene was Christ’s buddy.

How Do You Change A Culture Saturated With Sex?

I was watching an NFL football game last week when Corky came into the den from watching the Miss Universe contest in our living room. Her summary: “It’s almost nothing but a boobs and butt contest.” She did add that the winner had not displayed her physical attributes as much as the other candidates. How long have Kardashian boobs and butts been on TV? Changing a culture saturated with sex is going to be difficult for all 60 gender identities. Senator Al Franken is accused of harassing a USO actress who was a model for Hooters, Playboy, and Fredericks of Hollywood. The restaurant chain Hooters tried to build an empire on tight T-shirts, very tiny short-shorts, and elastic bras. Playboy has been selling sex and female nudity since its first copy. Fredericks sells sexy underwear and gauzy short night “gowns.” Perhaps she wore nun’s habits while not on the job. Of course, that’s no excuse for Al giving her sloppy kisses and groping her breasts while she is sleeping. But a video of that USO performance shows this virginal queen who was “shocked” by Franken’s kiss groped the butt of a male singer on stage and then rubbed her butt against his scrotum. Remember, I wrote sex is a complicated, hormone-driven matter. Maybe Al also has low blood pressure.

One night last week I spent about ten minutes in abject depravity examining about 15 pictures of Victoria’s Secret models strutting on the runway in their annual show. With  wearing only three Kleenexes, the  Victorias couldn’t have kept any secrets from anybody. We have heard people say: “With what she was wearing the woman was asking for it.” I suppose some women have. 

But now men advertise their sexuality with tight muscle shirts and Speedos. At least for now males no longer wear codpieces. The practice ended in the 17th Century. The word “cod” stands for scrotum where the testicles and penis are sometimes in repose. Before trousers were generally worn males wore a padded and bulging codpiece to cover the area between the hips and the leggings. To advertise what they were hiding, codpieces were often covered in silk or velvet and bejeweled and embroidered. Metal codpieces were made to wear with suits of armor. The size of the codpiece often indicated “whether they were asking for it.” I repeat, sex is a complicated matter.

The Physicality Of Sexual Harassment Is An Important Factor

When Corky and I were married at age 22 I weighed in at 195 pounds after playing eight years of high school and college football at nose and offensive guard, and in Marine Corps boot camp I had learned how to kill with my bare hands. Corky at 125 pounds was in great shape after being a lifeguard, diver, and a tumbling cheerleader in high school and college. When I went out into a parking lot at midnight, I knew I could probably handle 95% of the human race if I had to defend myself. When Corky went out into that same  parking lot at midnight, she knew that she could defend herself from only 45% of the human population. Physical strength is an element we have to consider in many human situations, including the sexual arena. The male with all of his raging hormones and bloodless brain can be a gentle man, a loose cannon, or a sex maniac.

When the “woebegone” Garrison Keillor was “fired” by Minnesota Public Radio for sexual harassment he made this statement: “I believe the country is in the grip of mania.” He is right—but the mania is long overdue. Lucy is still the world’s most famous early human ancestor at 3.2 million years of age. There’s little doubt this small female would be sexually assaulted on the plains of Africa as Eve was sexually harassed in the Garden. What will happen to our Groper-in-Chief, a  “small” male living in his own fake universe with his brain-dead Access Hollywood tapes and lying tweets? The culture has to change. But because brains and penises require a very strong flow of blood, it will take at least two more quarts to achieve it. 

Cultures can change quickly. Palm Springs, California citizens recently elected three gay men, a transgender, and a bisexual woman as the five members of their city council. All elected positions are held by gays. This dramatically shows the sciences are rapidly chipping away at religious nonsense.