I had to ask my self recently, are you ready for a pineapple upside down sour?   And I forgot what a foul-mouthed self I have.   “F… yeah!” my self said, as I kind of knew it would as soon as I uttered the question.  

Sorry about that. My self has convinced itself that it has a 1st Amendment right to swear at every possible opportunity, just to see if anyone is f……g paying attention. My self doubts that you pay attention.  

My self also believes it should observe our 2nd Amendment right by carrying a gun, but I know a gun is not a good thing for my self, because my self would want to shoot the next speeding tailgater riding his ass, and since that is a daily occurrence, my self would have a lot of blood on my hands.  

As I attempt to separate myself from my self, I do feel I should pass on this message from my self: If you don’t like this pineappley sour beer, you are f…..d.   And my self is absolutely right this time. The subtle pineapple flavor in this sour is perfect, with an emphasis on the bittersweetness of pineapple.  

If I do say so myself, this is one amazing beer. I feel like my self is back in the pineapple fields of Maui, which means my self is young again and idealistic, and my self doesn’t understand yet what a sad old world it really is.  

Oh my, this is good! Sour with a hint of pineapple pretending at sweetness.  

My self, stingy b…..d that he is, didn’t even want to mention the name of this beer just so my self could have more for my self. But I will tell you because you need to know: Pineapple Upside Down Sour 9aka Scully No. 40) is from Paradox Beer Co. It’s sour blonde ale brewed in rum barrels with pineapple.  

Yum! Rummy and pineappley!   Git it for your self before my self tries to corner the market.