What makes a mind see truth inside a lie

Forrest Johnson

We were at the Lake County Fair last week and while moseying through the commercial building we happened to notice a large RUMPT sign at the Lake County GOP booth. What also caught our attention was a large folded paper board sitting on a table asking folks to comment on what a great job the president was doing. I think the Lake County GOP had in mind to send the folded board to the White House to prop up the president's fragile ego, letting him know that there were sheep-like supporters out there in the wilds of Lake County who were just as blind or myopic as the folks in Ohio and West Virginia who bought into the whole make-it-up-as-it-goes agenda spewed out by the world's greatest narcissist.

Well, lots of choice words came to mind as to what the president wasn't doing such a great job at so my better half Susan and I headed over to leave a fine comment or two that just might pop Rumpt's bubble a bit.

We were met at the table by a nice smiling lady who said she was the chair of the Lake County GOP and she asked us if we wanted to leave a comment.

Well, Susan cut to the mustard and said "He's an asshole. I'll write that down for you." The smile on the woman changed a bit but then her faced glowed back and she said "He's great!"

By this time Susan had walked off and I guess I was left to be diplomatic and all I could muster was "Well, we'll just have to get through this mess and then see where we go from there. Thank you."

At that point I knew there wasn't going to be any discussion of whether he Rumpt was an asshole or not so I decided I'd better find out who that lady is and give her a call and have a civil conversation about our current clown president, Payosa Loco.

I will ask her why she thinks Rumpt is great. Plain and simple. I won't get in the way of her enthusiasm for the Liar-in-Chief. I'll be civil and ask her why she thinks the way she does. Believe me, there are plenty of people in the world right now who I'd like to ask about their wayward opinions on health care and education and the environment and climate change and taxes and any number of issues fraught with disinformation so airtight that reason can't budge them an inch. 

It has been determined by the National Union of Friendly Americans (NUFA) Dept. of Weights, Measures and Fabrications that Rumpt lies on public matters an average of 4.6 times a day. He makes up stuff about the election and the millions of illegal immigrants who voted against him and he makes up stuff about his goggle-eyed speech to the Boy Scouts Jamboree, saying falsely the CEO of the organization called to say "it was the greatest speech" the scouts had ever heard. 

The man has a fibber problem and his base just keeps accepting the falsehoods and trash talk that would cause a mother to wash your mouth out with soap if she heard you say that.

Last winter I was at a nice bonfire. There was a fellow there who said Rumpt might just be good for the country, you know cut through the bureaucracy and get things done. I knew the man, have visited with him at previous bonfires. I invited him to my tailgate bar and poured him a bourbon.

Then I told him that Rumpt was an asshole. A plain old asshole. He agreed to that, saying he wished he wouldn't tweet as much and instead get down to business. I then asked him a simple question.

"When is an asshole good for anybody?"

He backed up his comments a bit and said it didn't look like the president had lived much of an exemplary life but offered that maybe the office would change him.

I reminded him that it's a cold day in hell when an asshole changes into a pal, a chum, a pleasant neighbor.

I told him that my grandmother once said that some people are bad seeds. Life won't change them for the better. Just won't happen. Rumpt is one of those people.

I'm going to find out who that lady is and give her a call. I promise I'll listen to her and try to understand her way of thinking. I'll get my two cents in about what I think but there just has to be a trail of clues to the middle of this mindset that can accept falsehood as truth and see bright sunshine behind it all.