From Bonehead to Bon Vivant In One Sip

Jim Lundstrom

The pop of the cork on this bomber bottle of Changeling Dark Sour Ale from Boulevard Brewing Co. of Kansas City, Mo., could wake the dead from their sound sleep. This must be how Krupps’ heavy-duty howitzer Big Bertha must have sounded. I’m surprised the authorities weren’t notified when I opened this bottle of beer.

While it might have been a frightening sound to others, to me it was the vibrant sound of a very feisty brew.
At first look upon pouring, it seemed like a simple brown ale, but then the light strikes it in such a way to accentuate inviting deep ruby red tones, which is just a hint of the taste surprises that unfold in a two-pronged attack on your palate.
First comes an espresso and cacao brownness that is immediately overwhelmed by an almighty tartness. Yowza! This tart brown ale brings you immediately to the land where the wild things are.
This 7.3 percent sour brown ale is a blend of four different dark beers aged in wine and whiskey barrels and “infected” with wild Brett and lacto yeast. 
The result is a brown packed with bright tart flavors – cranberry, lemon, tart cherry. 
I wish I could explain the wonderful power of tartness. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get a huge, happy, life-affirming kick from tart beers, and this Changeling is a tart superstar, a real sweet tart. 
While bringing your palate to life, it also provides the heady illusion of being a boulevardier, a bon vivant, even though most of the time you might feel like a bonehead. 
This Changeling will momentarily cure all inadequacies.
Boulevard released this dark beauty in April as part of its Smokestack Series Limited Release. Find this beery Changeling before the fairies reclaim it.