The Triple Crown at Black Water

Paul Whyte

I’ve done a fair number of these columns and I finally went to a place I’ve been saving for awhile. Black Water is pretty upscale as far as Duluth goes and for the last few months I’ve really needed a haircut so I’ve been wearing a cap. Unfortunately, hats aren’t allowed to be worn in the establishment, but now that I finally got a summer trim, I could hang out without my hair hanging in my face. Black Water offers a high end selection of food and drinks, so I was sure to get something out of the ordinary. 

Featured Bartender: Skye Mitchell. Skye has been bartending for over seven years and some might know her from her time back when the Red Star was around. She has been living in Duluth since 2007 when she came here to attend college for a psychology degree, something she says works well with her current profession as a bartender. She has been working with Black Water for a year and a half. 

Interests & Activities: Skye spends her spare time rescuing dogs. At any given time she is taking care of several dogs in need of help and a home. Currently, she has five pups with her at her house. 

Favorite Music: Skye enjoys Lil Yachty as a guilty pleasure. She likes older punk such as The Misfits and also enjoys 90s alternative such as Hole. Of course she doesn’t get to listen to any of those at Black Water because the music there is almost exclusively jazz. 

Featured Cocktail: There are a good number of featured martinis and cocktails at Black Water, and I had Skye surprise me with one. She chose the “Triple Crown.” The drink does not have Crown Royal as one might be led to think, it rather has Bulleit Bourbon from Kentucky. The drink also has St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and Prosecco. It is shook up with some lemon juice and served in a martini glass. 

How is it?: This drink had a little thought put into it. While it is a little sweet because of the St. Germain and lemon juice, it’s the complexity between the Bulleit and Prosecco that makes it interesting. If this drink were made with Crown Royal it would not be the same. The rye flavor of the bourbon stands out and when it blends with the Prosecco, there is a definite and distinct boozy flavor. This isn’t to say it’s overpowering, but I’ve had the chance to try plenty of sweeter and fruity cocktails, and this tastes a little more adult than something you’d serve a 21 year old looking to get blasted on something where the taste of alcohol is barely present. I can’t say I’ve seen a rye heavy type of whiskey in such a drink because at first it doesn’t seem like it would make sense. The way everything plays on the tongue makes it taste like it’s a girly drink with some sophistication. Smooth enough to drink down easily, but with enough grit to let you know you have something special. 


Paul Whyte

A South Shore native and University of Wisconsin-Superior journalism graduate. Lifelong musician, and former open mic host. Passionate about the music scene and politics.

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