Cabaret - Life is beautiful

Ryan Glenn 

Photo credits: Ryan Glenn
Photo credits: Ryan Glenn

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Cabaret’s original U.S. tour run, and even after all that time the musical manages to deliver a timely message.  We watch as characters struggle to deal with the impending Nazi dictatorship.  They are unsure of what paths to take with friends, what will be safe in their own home, or  if there even is a problem to worry about.  In a way this sets a tone mirrored in our own cities now.  Many of us are left with feelings of uncertainty regarding national politics.  We are left wondering if what we are doing is right.  Some of us are questioning our neighbors based upon their own beliefs.   Some want to run away from the problem, while others want to make it work.  Much like the characters in the play here, we currently don’t have to the gift of hindsight to know what the correct decision is.

Cabaret is an emotional play.  From the onset, the Emcee welcomes and brings a comfort to the room a scantily clad dancers and singers.  There is laughter and smiles abound during the first act as we get to know those close by.  As the Nazi presence continues to loom closer to home, the play also takes an obvious darker turn.  We watch as friends become enemies and partners are torn apart.  It may sound all standard and cliche, but it is handled in such in interesting fashion with the costumes and songs that it is simply just worth seeing.  

Director Robert Lee has done a fantastic job overseeing this project as well.  The cast is spectacular with an amazing Emcee (Alec Schroeder), a wonderful Sally and Cliff (Louisa Scorich and Shad Olson) , and a truly believably heartbreaking Schneider and Schultz  (Sara Marie Briggs Sorneson and Robert Hadaway).  The song and dance routines are all top notch as well.  

Cabaret starts this Thursday August 3rd and runs Thursday through Saturday until August 19th.  Tickets are $20 or $18 for senior/student.  Showtime is 7:30 each showing.