The Tipsy Bird at Tavern on the Hills

Paul Whyte


On my continued quest for cocktails I headed towards UMD to The Tavern on the Hill. The Kenwood area is not a place I hang out much and all of the businesses that have popped up in that part of town are pretty new to me although they’ve been around for three or so years. 

Tavern on the Hill is a little different than some of the more hole-in-the-wall bars I frequent. I often prefer cozy and intimate spaces. Tavern on the Hill definitely has a very stylish, almost show-off feel to it, there are seriously giant sequins on the front of the building. It’s a fairly large space, the ceilings are amazingly high, and they probably paid someone well to figure out the aesthetics of the place without people like me in mind. I think I somehow felt more apprehensive at the atmosphere rather than impressed by it. 

There’s little wonder that it’s a bar frequented by college students because many of them don’t know any better. Party on college students, I guess.  Despite the showy display of the place, there are definitely some real aspects, and overall, I think it’s the staff that ultimately forms the personality of an establishment. In the end, I’d recommend checking out Tavern on the Hill, unless if the thought of a place that isn’t a dive bar is something that you’d never consider. They have a good menu, a nice list of beers on tap and in the bottle, and they also have enough spirits on hand to make some fine cocktails. 

Featured Bartender: Jamie “Jam Jam” Lakatos. I might have sounded like I was not being totally positive earlier; just because I find myself in an environment that I don’t particularly care for isn’t a reason for me to write a place off altogether. Enter Jamie Lakatos. Jamie is the Tavern’s longest serving bartender with three years at the establishment. With a little bit of serving experience myself, it was nice that when I sat down at the bar, she looked over to acknowledge that she’d get to me. I felt instantly better because I knew I was dealing with a professional bartender. 

Interests and Activities: Jamie loves spending time on the Lake Walk, kayaking, and golf. She worked until one week of giving birth to a baby girl who is now three months old. Overall, she’s a hard working mother. 

Favorite Music: Jamie enjoys the Goo Goo Dolls, Elton John, and Trampled by Turtles.  

Featured Cocktail: The Tipsy Bird. This is a perfect summer drink and is probably one of the smoothest drinks I’ve had while doing this column. First, Jamie muddled a lemon and lime in a pint glass and then filled it with ice. She then added a soda and 7 press. The alcohol consists of Loon Juice Cider and St. Germain liqueur, which consists of elderflower blossoms and tops everything off.

How is it?: This drink is just easy to drink. It’s like a lemon soda with a tasteful blend of sweet with citrus and notes of the apple and elderflower. These could be drank all day without much effort. Since the alcohol consists of a cider and a rather low 20% with the St. Germain, I’m not sure where the mark would be of getting the average person buzzed. It’s probably around the level of a craft beer, so that means maybe three or four? Yes, I know getting wasted isn’t always the reason to drink, but if having a delicious and refreshing drink is your aim, the Tipsy Bird is a good choice. One of these will make only the lightest of  weight birds tipsy. 


Paul Whyte

A South Shore native and University of Wisconsin-Superior journalism graduate. Lifelong musician, and former open mic host. Passionate about the music scene and politics.

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