Unfriendly behavior spreading rapidly

Well, the National Union of Friendly Americans (NUFA) has its work cut out, that's for sure. Unfriendly behavior is spreading rapidly across the landscape, real blatant poke-in-the-eye kind of unfriendly. The New Conservative Neanderthal Party (NCNP), formerly the republicans, has recently been downgraded by NUFA from troublesome status to hazardous status as they march along dismantling the social order.

Man, these people just aren't friendly. 
Take away health care. Screw the environment. Throw public education out the window. Tax cuts for the rich.
Not friendly.
I get a kick, hazardous as it is, out of listening to the NCNP promoting its false freedoms that will allow citizens the freedom not to have health care. They will allow citizens the freedom not to pay union dues when the union has negotiated a contract. They will allow the freedom of drilling for oil and coal on public lands and in the arctic. Yeah! It all adds up to the screwy notion that you have the freedom not to help your fellow man. 

Hey, in Minnesota the NCNP even offered citizens the freedom to carry a gun in public without a permit. Hey, everybody has the right to protect themselves, right? Terrorists and criminals are everywhere!
Nah, everybody's a chickenshit. Scared of their own shadow. The freedom to be afraid is what Trump and the NCNP are all about. Make'em fearful. Fearful of losing the American culture, whatever that means. Last time I looked there were still plenty of Kentucky Fried Chicken joints and Walmarts, you know, those American cultural symbols we see across the American landscape. Who knows, when the Trump administration starts selling public lands and national parks, KFC and Walmart might be the only things left to remind us of who we once were.  

And what's all the hullaballoo about the God-fearing NCNP folks losing their religious freedoms because the world doesn't look like it used to in the Dark Ages. Bible thumpers feel lost that they can't control who marries who and that sin is rampant and family values are under siege. Family values? What the hell are family values? In the eyes of the NCNP and the faux Christians, people like me certainly don't have family values. Nope, we raised our kids to smoke dope and avoid responsibility and be atheists and anarchists. Geez. In this day and age I can't believe people actually think God doesn't like gays and progressives and other such groups who appear different. Might as well throw in the Muslims and Mexicans, native Americans and African Americans.

The bottom line is that they're fearful of the boogeyman, whoever that is. Fearful.
Gee, I always thought that a relationship with God was between the worshipper and God. How is religious freedom threatened by someone other than the worshipper and God? Who cares if the guy down the street is an agnostic? Why would that threaten one's own relationship with God?
So now in Minnesota the NCNP-False Freedom Party has already voted to prop up the insurance companies to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars just for doing business in the state. A subsidy for the health insurance companies not to leave. Maybe all of us regular citizens should do the same. You know, threaten to leave en mass, all of us, unless we get a subsidy to stay here in the warming north. But I guess we don't really have to threaten too much since the NCNP-False Freedom Party is hellbent on giving back much of the state's budget surplus under the guise of tax cuts, so there's your subsidy for staying, even though it'll average $111 for each and every one of us. So go out and stimulate the economy and buy a new pair of shoes or something. 

Another proposal on the NCNP-False Freedom Party agenda is to dismantle MNsure because it's the GOVERNMENT and it doesn't work. The other day I spent a half hour on the phone just waiting to talk to a person who could give me the status of my health care plan. That's not a problem with MNsure. That's a problem of not having the funding to hire enough help to answer the phone. That's pretty simple math. Not enough employees. 

Yes, NUFA has recognized the problem. Friendly is under attack. The unfriendlies have been able to shift the discussion in a sour-faced way. 
Stand up to unfriendly. 
Be friendly.
Be diligent.
Be friendly.