Duluth Does National Poetry Month

Jordan Bissell

Jennifer L. Knox
Jennifer L. Knox

Well, there is no sugar coating it, Duluth has a fairly love-hate relationship with poetry. It wasn’t until recently that the words “NO POETRY” were removed from the top of every Transistor Mag, and hasn’t been that long since the unofficial “Duluth poetry revival” picked up a few years ago. 

Although we haven’t gotten rid of decorated local poet Patrick McKinnon, even during the half-decade gap where there was barely any public poetry events. He has had a prolific career in poetry and poetry publishing, been published every other week in the Transistor for many years, and is also one of the few publishers who locally released chapbooks for quite some time. 

This isn’t about McKinnon though (but don’t tell him that), this is about Duluth celebrating National Poetry Month. For the first time in many years, there is actually a plethora of poetry events scheduled for April in Duluth. We are sure there may be more, but here is a brief overview of the gigs coming up to the best of our research:

Bi with (Pizza) 
Pie: Bisexual Poetry Month

April 17th Pizza Luce 5:30 pm

Pandemonium: Twin Ports Pansexual/Bisexual Organization, holds a month Bi with Pie meeting at Pizza Luce, however this month, they’re throwing poetry into the mix. There will be a short presentation about bisexual poets from Lucas D. and he will also share some of his own poetry. Lucas has published several books, and his most recent publication is a collection of poems called, “Since we Left the Oregon Trail, Poems for the Conflicted Oregon Trail Generation.”

Tax Day
April 18th 

The Red Herring

 Lounge - 7 pm

This musical event will feature an poetry open mic and live music from Conspiracy Theory, Jeffrey James, Aurora Baer, & SeymOur. This will also include a raffle, silent auction, and Marita pop-up. Duluth for Clean Water benefit.


April 21st 
Prøve Collective - 7 pm

Prøve Collective invites you to celebrate Earth Day, MN politics, music, videos, and poetry. This event also includes an open mic poetry hour, which will begin at 8:30 pm.

Jennifer L. Knox

April 22nd 
Prøve Collective - 7:30 pm
Jennifer L. Knox is an author of four book poetry books, born in California, and study at New York University, University of Iowa. She will joining us to share her poetry in Duluth for this one hour show.  


Poetry ’n Motion: 
The Godyssey

May 13th 
AICHO Galleries - 2 pm

Though technically in May, this event is a great way to end off the local celebrating of wordsmiths. This eight hour event is a celebration of poetry and  Minnesota hip-hop culture. It will include multiple rounds of a competitive poetry slam, with various slots for open mic cypher sessions. There will also be an intermission for food from 5:30 pm - 6 pm, with food vendors on site.