Howie Hanson accuses Joel Sipress of wire-tapping!

City Councilor Howie Hanson was quoted recently after a city council meeting, claiming that he, “just got word that Sipress has wire-tapped me before the last election.” Joel Sipress, fellow city councilor, has a clean track record with little to no scandal involved, is a conspiracy likely? Either way, Hanson is convinced Sipress has been listening into his private conversations. 

“I voted in favor of city councilors’ pay being increased in 2015, and I know Joel has had it out for me ever since.” said Howie last Tuesday. 

“This seems fairly ridiculous, and completely without evidence.” said Sipress, when questioned about the accusations at recent press conference. Sipress does not seem worried about these claims from Hanson, Hanson however, looked furious towards Sipress’s direction for the entire press conference.

“I’ve been here for over forty years. Joel isn’t even from Minnesota, what does he know?” asked Howie when confronted about his lack of evidence to back up his claims. Rumor has it that Hanson is just jealous that Sipress is the new city councilor president. “It should of been mine.” said Hanson on his blog earlier this year. 

Apparently Hanson took Sipress’ advice when he was having heating problems in his home in February. “Sipress claimed he had just the guy for the job, and sent over a ‘Heating Specialist’ he knew.” explained Hanson, “I’m sure he was really a covert operative for Sipress. The bug is probably in the new thermostat he insisted on.”

Mayor Emily Larson doesn’t buy that Sipress has been wire tapping Hanson, “This all seems a bit ridiculous. Howie is pretty out there sometimes, I mean that casino thing *laughs* yeah, he has some interesting ideas and that’s why he adds to the city council, but he’s not very exciting. And Joel, yeah, I’m not sure if he could tap a keg let alone a phone line.”

While there is not clear proof that Sipress is or isn’t tapping Hanson’s communications, Hanson’s behavior has become increasingly bizarre. At the last City Council meeting, Hanson showed up in a tin foil hat, “I’ve got to wear it! Joel is trying to read my mind! He’s monitoring everything I do. I’ve called the FBI and they said nothing is happening, but if he’s watching me, he could be watching everyone.” The reason why Sipress is vague, “that’s what he does,” simply said Hanson. 

Since Hanson refused to accept help investigating the matter, saying “If I hadn’t let strangers in my home in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened!”, we may never know the truth. The City of Duluth declined to comment at this time.