Someone enthusiastically recommended I try Cashmere Hammer from the 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. of Sheboygan. This was from a homebrewer with the last name of Pilz. I take his recommendations seriously.

I found a sixer of Cashmere Hammer Nitro Stout at my local and hurried home to try it. I also followed the advice on the six on how to pour this beer:  Invert bottle 180 degrees, shake into glass, and enjoy!

The inverted pour helps with the cascade effect. Just make certain your glass is big enough to handle the big tawny cascade. That beautiful head sits atop an impenetrably black beer.  

The taste is as advertised in the Cashmere Hammer name – soft and decadently dark, with a 6.5 percent punch. The dark chocolate maltiness that dominates your palate ends with a twist of spiciness from the rye.

I was actually reminded of a very good cup of coffee when I first tasted the Cashmere Hammer, so I poured a bottle of this to go with my Easter Sunday brunch of avocado on millet toast. It was a match made in heaven – this stout was offered the perfect complement to the rough-grained bread and velvety avocado topped with freshly cracked pepper and sea salt.

Cashmere Hammer has quickly become 3 Sheeps best-selling beer. Now I know why. The brewery, which opened in 2011, is moving to a former Coca Cola bottling plant in Sheboygan that will allow them to have, for the first time, a tasting room. It had been brewing at the Hops Haven bar, where I first had it probably that first year they were in operation. I have to admit that my first experience with 3 Sheeps did not lead me to believe they would have found the great success they have found. The tap room is expected to open in April. I definitely will plan a visit.

Thank you for the recommendation, Mr. Pilz!