Repulsar: Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon

Paul Whyte

I receive a wide array of music from all over the Nation, but I try to focus on local music as much as I can. On occasion I will review an album from Minneapolis. Usually it’s because there is something outstanding about the album that people should know about. This week I’m going to review this album mostly because it’s hunting season and it seems fitting to review and album that is titled “Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon.” This album is pretty awful and it not hard to explain why. I don’t think the guys who made this album will be too upset by me saying this, because I have hunch that’s what they were going for. Off the band’s website they explain, “Repulsar is committed to explore this notion through cheesy drum machines, bass tones that resemble the sound of farting, loud guitar feedback, semi-competent soloing and multi-phonic atonal throat singing techniques set to conceptually suspect themes.” Keep in mind that I don’t condone this album, I’m just reviewing it.
First off, this album is outstanding, but not in a musical way. It’s outstanding in how absolutely weird and potentially offense it is. The opening track “Americaca” has this crude and wacky version of the Nation Anthem played on a keyboard with a really cheesy sound. It’s hardly recognizable but I think that’s what they were going for. If you are easily offended, please stop reading this right now.
There’s not much singing on this album. Instead it’s often spoken word gibberish, “I want to explore big fat sweaty American cunts,” said in the most creepy way possible is how this album starts out. Apparently the album details a creepy straight white conservative male through his journey into becoming a completely depraved gay liberal. Yes, you read that right. That’s the concept of the album. Feel free to quit reading this at any time. It really just gets worse.
I do like how they sent a track list and about half the tracks don’t “conform to FCC standards.” I’ll move to their “top suggested” song for airplay, titled “Out of the Glue and into the Crack.” I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. This happens to be one of my least favorite tracks on the album, not like I have an actual favorite. It’s completely dissonant with howling lyrics that can hardly be understood. The samples  of messed up bizarre vocals and grating horns make me want to skip it every time I gave it a listen. It’s about as avant garde, if you want to call it that, as it gets.
Let’s move on to look at tracks like “Nipple Me Now Manipulator.” The title of the track is the “chorus.” The character portrayed on the album contemplates living by the rules, finding a wife and conforming to the American Dream, but decides that “I might as well turn gay.” When looking at the character depicted, he’s insane. I’m not sure what statement is being made, but the band wants to cut into political issues as well as personal preferences of sexuality. The thing is, it’s not like they’re making a joke of it, at least not completely. They seem to hate sleazy straight guys as much as they seem to hate twisted gay guys. It’s a rather confusing album and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is all on purpose, although I don’t know what purpose that is. Did I say that this album is offensive?
The album boils down to a song that has three parts, titled “Weapons.” The parts include: Simple Word, Gone is Gold, and Heavy Soul. The track is the longest at over eight minutes. The listener is greeted with, “your sex life is boring,” with a sampled vocal refrain that says, “missionary.” There is quite a bit of monologue in the “song.” I’m hesitant to say that any of the material can be considered really as songs, it’s more of a conceptual experiment of beats, noise and words that sometimes are understood to blabbering madness which revolves around hetero and homosexual themes. I personally am rarely offended, but I could see how most people would want to pour lighter fluid on this album and set it ablaze. The “song” has dialog that describes the character witnessing, “and I look in, and it sounds like there’s people having sex. There’s screams like it’s torture and someone’s being hurt. I listened a little more and I thought, no, that’s…wild sex. At the time, they left their windows open like they were trying to get my attention and try to get me in on it too. I was young and handsome back then…It was like a horror movie, it didn’t sound like sex at all, I realized that it wasn’t ‘normal,’ or sweet sex, or gentle. It was dominance and submission.” The song isn’t done with that. “They want to train kids that heterosexual sex is taboo..they play a game where they say you’re against gays and it’s intolerance…the sounds out of that house happened to be gay, it didn’t matter if it was a man and a woman, but it happened to be gay…they promote gay sexuality so there will be less births and population control, there’s a number of reasons why. They could be pushing hetero sex, but it would be for the same reasons, control…Where it really leads is beyond sex completely. Those who really harness and nurture it get to a point with themselves where everything is sexualized.” I’m going to stop there.
Overall, if you really like very experimental electronic music with messed up themes of sexual perversion, this album is worth checking out, I guess. They have a Bandcamp account. This is one of the weirdest albums I’ve heard in recent years. The band is daring the listener to go through this bizarre ordeal. I have no idea why gay sex and pretty much psychotic behavior is something to obsess about, but this band has achieved that in this very unusual album. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the deer fucker or ball slasher in it, honestly. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up, local interest).
So, that was this week’s CD review. If you want to weird out all the guys at the hunting shack, this is the perfect album. They’ll probably not want to hang out with you much if you do. Or if you just want something really weird to listen to, do it up with this album. I wish I could say that this is satire, funny or somehow relevant to something, if that’s in this album, I missed it. I’m not going to say the album is homophobic, they just went out with the intent of making the listener say, “what the fuck was that?” This is the most fair review I could give this album. It’s really messed up and you will be doing yourself a favor to not listen to it. You’re going to listen to it now, aren’t you?


Paul Whyte

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