Who Does Scott Walker Work For?

Walker Watch

Paul Whyte

This week we’ll look a little more into the man who is Scott Walker. Walker has expressed that he knows what is right for the American people, but that all depends on who you regard as “American people.” After this Labor Day, it’s easy to be reminded what unions have done for the American people. Little kids are working in textile factories getting their fingers caught in the machinery, men aren’t working themselves to death in mines and women are getting close to being equals in the work force (statistically they still make less than men). For those with a decent job, there’s a 40 hour work week and weekends. Those in unions might have some health coverage and retirement plan.
Workers, especially Wisconsin workers have set an example for workers rights dating back to the 1840s. By the early 1900s laws in Wisconsin protected workers who were hurt on the job. Today, we have Scott Walker stripping and limiting worker’s rights. This affects some of America’s hardest working and most important workers, the teacher.
There’s a few things that Walker has said and done to make one wonder if he is really with the American people. Comparing those protesting for union rights to ISIS is one example. Are we to believe that those speaking up for themselves, a right granted by the Constitution, puts them in the same category as murdering terrorists? “If I can take on a 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.” That just sounds dangerous. So everyone who is trying to support their rights and disagrees with Walker needs to be put down and the same will go for his international policy?
It’s well known that Koch Industries has given Walker tens of thousands of dollars towards his campaign and millions to the Republican party. By weakening the work force and their rights, it will become easier for companies to do what they want - when and where they want to do it. “Wisconsin is open again for business.” While no one is going to argue that jobs are what keeps the economy and society running, Wisconsin has the weakest job growth in the midwest. As far as his first term promise of “250,000 jobs” in the private sector. He did reach about half of that. With his knack for union busting, one can’t help but wonder exactly how great those jobs are.
It’s apparent that Walker is not about the American worker. It’s quite possible that even other Republican candidates will pick out the things Walker has done and most definitely the Democrats and perhaps Independents, if they’re allowed to be in a debate this time around, will note that Walker isn’t working for the people, he’s being led by those giving him PAC money and donations. Those with deep pockets are getting wise to how unpopular Walker is getting even among Republicans. Walker is trailing in the polls across the board and reportedly is having a hard time find contributors in southern states. When a teenage kid called “Deez Nuts” is doing better in the polls than you, it might be time to consider something else.  


Paul Whyte

A South Shore native and University of Wisconsin-Superior journalism graduate. Lifelong musician, and former open mic host. Passionate about the music scene and politics.

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