The Lynchburg Lemonade

Paul Whyte

With the Duluth-Superior Pride Festival coming up, I decided to continue my quest for cocktails over at the Duluth Flame. It’s Duluth’s only official “gay bar,” but of course they welcome any open minded straight person. Unfortunately, the street in front of the bar was all ripped up when I stopped in. I’m not sure if the 15 foot hole that’s right in front of the bar will be patched up in time for Pride, but the sidewalk is certainly intact. The establishment will be one of the stops for the free shuttle that will be going between Duluth and Superior during Friday and Saturday night.

Featured Bartender: Kristy Johnson. Kristy has been bartending for 20 years so it’s fair to say she’ll serve you up something great.

Interests and Activities: Lately, Kristy has been working on setting up Pride Fest as Co-Chair. She worked on setting up the Youth Pride at Clyde Iron. Get your under 21 year old self down there on Friday, Sept 4 and why are you reading this column?

Favorite Music: Die Antwoord and The Black Crowes.

Featured Cocktail: The Lynchburg Lemonade. This drink is a classic and it’s simple and sweet. First, Kristy pours in some Jack Daniels (Jack is made in Lynchburg, KY, thus the name), she then adds some Cointreau. It is then finished off with some sour and a splash of seven.

How is it?: Well, it’s a lot like a lemonade. The Jack Daniels is hardly noticeable, which is fine with me because Jack is not my favorite whiskey. This drink can be made with triple sec instead of the Cointreau, but the citrus aspect of the Cointreau is a nice twist with the sour. The seven just evens the drink out and adds a nice hint of carbonation to make this one easy to put down cocktail. Have a great rest of the summer and a great Pride!