Jade Helm 15: U.S. Military Exercise

Jane Hoffman

It’s an American conspiracy theory fantasy that may actually involve true life participation similar to an Xbox gamer with a real rifle in his hand.  But where?   Texas, the lone star state, the defiant resistance of big government now has a trial bigger than it’s shooting ranges and ten gallon cowboy hats.  They are in for the next Alamo.  Jade Helm 15, a military exercise that has been planned by the  U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) with other U.S Armed Forces units in multiple states, including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.[ The cities in Texas include Big Spring, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, , Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria to name a few.]  I know of training exercises in Death Valley, California because my niece in the U.S. Army participated in one in preparation for Baghdad in 2009.

But why implement a grand scale military exercise in civilian parts of America with base operations being conducted from Wal-Mart satellites?  U.S. Army Special Forces states “the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart” from previous training exercises such as Derna Bridge or Robin Sage.  Disclosures include that there will be 1,200 troops participating, and according to CNN, “mainly Army Green Berets, but also a group of Navy SEALS and Air Force special operations troops as well as conventional Army infantry.” Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, at an information session for residents in Bastrop, Texas, said the realistic military training helps soldiers adapt to unfamiliar terrain. In that location, sixty soldiers would take part, including the presence of two Humvee vehicles and a “water buffalo” water tank. Private land offered by residents would be used for the exercise, though he noted they would not be paid for the land or receive a tax break of any kind.  

Lastoria also claimed $150,000 in revenue would be brought to the area because of food, fuel, and shopping.  It doesn’t really sound like an exchange of patronage being that not all can benefit from private commercial sales.   It could be the prequel to martial law but the sequel to Walker, Texas Ranger TV series in which the real Chuck Norris will step out of the screen and lay down the law.  Norris has openly complained about the operation and says he will make a stance with his gun saddled on his side.  The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has ordered the Texas National guard “to keep an eye” on the U.S. military exercises beginning July 15th.   That means a state government is spending money to keep the federal government in check.  Exercises will last until September 15, 2015 in states such as Colorado, Utah and others mentioned above.   James C. Moore, a Texas business consultant and author stated “I write to you from behind the lines in the last free state of Texas as we prepare to resist the invasion of Jade Helm 15.   While Gen. Travis laid in a supply of extra “beeves” in advance of the Mexican assault from Gen. Santa Anna at the Alamo, we are fearful of running low on Slim Jims and Moon Pies as the Walmarts are turned into detention centers for citizens robbed of their constitutional rights.

As POWs (Prisoners of Walmart), we expect to be put to work in the sporting goods department against our will while earning below minimum wage.”  (Source: CNN)  This may be rather tongue in cheek, but the real news is information of this military exercise has been shielded from major news outlets when it first surfaced in April.   News sources that have been circulating the military plan are BlogTalkRadio, underground news sources such as www.allnewspipeline.com and www.truthandaction.org.    

Michael Hood, a late night caller and former host of a radio show, said he had 15,000 followers on his BTR radio show and it was pulled by the organization after discussing Jade Helm.   Don Gallimore, a lobbyist against Common Core, a leader in the Democratic Party of Reno and the NAACP stated that all the police killings in U.S. cities such as Michael Brown and Freddie Gray are just distractions for a larger framework of military subversion that will take place and actually scare the citizenry.   

There has been talk about U.S. banking instability along with this but no one wants to speculate too far into it.   As seven Wal-Marts are cleared out in the Southwestern U.S. for these training exercises, it will leave average citizens in more than a quandary.  Why should citizens whose taxes benefit the military over 30% of the overall federal budget be subjected to a military exercise so big it could evolve into a South American junta?   When you start hearing mainstream news talking about Isis threats in America, the sounding board will ring and the fear factors will fall into place. No need ducking in aisle five, they’ve already taken it over.