Do the rights of a supremacist need as much protection as those of a pacifist?
Do the aims of a supremacist represent the same danger as those of a pacifist?

A funeral is a good time as any to give some thought to death.

If you ask me the Creator did too good a job encouraging us to be fruitful and multiply. But the real problem seems that many of the heaviest practitioners should have been prevented from ever getting a start much less repeating it, deluded perhaps thinking practice will make perfect or they’ll eventually get it right.

If you’re a selfish louse you put yourself before others and if you’re a sap you put yourself behind others, especially bad if they’re incontinent.
When you plan a trip from the Twin Ports to California crossing the Great Plains I think anyone should be glad all those buffalo were killed off or you’d never make it.

*More Thankfulness
If the buffalo were not killed and we built an overpass for them to cross over the freeway (buffalo are known for their instinctive fear of tunnels and violent dislike of postage stamps) you’d be well advised to not be under the overpass when the herd passed over.

A person who claims their personality or beliefs justify acting like a two year old on a tantrum needs be told different by the nearest adult able to fulfill the role. Failure to do so means life under the rule of spoiled brats and the irresponsible. Unreason does not respect reason, but it does understand authority.

The difference between being loved and hated is one of economics. Being loved can be quite costly, but people hate for free.

*Golden Rule
The golden rule doesn’t seem to apply to beheading.

*Wild Animals
An animal attack can be violent and brutal, but humans are always needed if there’s enjoyment in being vicious.

At one time a penny candy cost one cent and was not taxed.

*Fishy Story
A fisherman claimed he turned to piracy because the great powers had robbed his fishery and he could not support the four wives his beliefs said were his entitlement by holy decree.

*Century of Progress
The last century began with the first modern genocide when in 1915 the Turks (who prefer to remain silent about it as does the UN and US government) murdered more than a million Armenians over territory and religious differences. A few decades later the Nazis beat the Turk score by a factor of eight murdering Jews, Hungarians, Russian POWs and many more. Stalin may have done as well in Russia after the war eliminating intellectuals and other undesirables. Later in the century Cambodia and Rwanda saw small but significant (especially for a victim) mass killing of civilians. One way of dealing with unpleasant history is what most of us do; not think of it often or at all. The Iranian government (not unique among similar theocracies) takes the view that the Holocaust never happened and is a hoax fabricated by Jews to extort money and land, but hedging their bet the Iranians (joined by similar theocracies) says that if it did happen it would be a good thing and welcomed by the source of their peckish dogma. Well, it is 2015, a century beyond the first modern genocide. See how far we’ve come.

*Old Rules
Never wear white after Labor Day. This does not apply to socks, underwear, or towels when you leave the bath.
Never eat pork in months with an r in their name. No one is sure why. This source of speculation is spared Jews and Muslims who go easily along in pork freedom.

*Before ISIS there was Isis
Isis was an ancient Egyptian goddess thought to be a special patron to women and mothers and an ideal companion. Her special role was seen in magic, nature, and resurrection. Devotion to Isis became popular in Greece before the time of the Caesars and later in Rome. As a protector of slaves and sinners Isis seems a lot more agreeable than the folk who now use those four letters.

I can say from experience being smart gets better results than being smart ass.

The quickest way to ruin is a “can’t lose” scheme that promises to double your “investment.”

A lifetime guarantee is no good if the people making the pledge are in the process of committing business suicide.

A five year old saying they are half way to ten is much different than a fifty year old looking ahead to one hundred. This doesn’t even out until age ninety five. We need to take into account both percentages and decimals.

Increased spending is an unlikely road to riches but a sure way into debt.

A vile behavior will represent a value in the same way intercourse will reinforce virginity.