Speed Skating

Duluth’s Anna Ringsred

Paul Whyte

In this year’s United States Olympic Trials, Duluth, Minnesota native, Anna Ringsgred, has earned a spot on the Speed Skating team by placing second. She was selected to take one of two available positions in the distance discipline. Ringsred has been speed skating since the age of 13 and qualified for the United State junior team while attending Duluth Marshall High School. After graduating in 2003, she moved to Calgary, Canada for further training. While in Calgary she graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary two years ago. While going to school and training, Ringsred also held down a job in her field of study, “I began working in my career three years ago and was training myself before and after work. That is pretty unusual in the sport, most people are just full time athletes,” stated Ringsred in an email message from Russia.
She specializes in long track speed skating, specifically the 3,000 meter. She qualified for World Championship events in 2007, 2008 and 2010, placing fifth in 2007. Other highlights include being an eight-time World Cup Top-10 finisher, placing third in both the 2010 National Championships and 2013 National Distance Championships. She also placed 18th in the 2013 World All Around Championships.
Although she’s participated and won numerous races, Ringsred had a fear of competition, and after consulting with a sports psychologist was able to overcome this obstacle. She also sustained a back injury in Salt Lake City, a major training spot for athletes who skate, and she stated that she was overtrained earlier in her skating endeavors.  
On January 21, Ringsred trained with her team in Collalbo, Italy before heading on to compete against the World’s best in Sochi, Russia. She is to compete on February 9 but for the time being, she has been enjoying herself. “Now that I am finally here it is becoming real. We just arrived yesterday and I have been taking pictures of everything. Our rooms are awesome and the volunteers are super friendly and helpful,” stated Rinsred. “I have already made friends with a few bob-sledders and am eager to meet more athletes.” Ringred’s hobbies include backpacking, hiking, reading, camping and traveling. She volunteers at a local food shelter in her spare time.

Fast Facts

• She owned a monkey named Pepper

• She’s bilingual. “ I speak Spanish. I did an exchange in Argentina
   for four months when I was 18 and learned the language,” stated

• “I love to dance. As soon as I am done racing,
   that’s what I will be doing,” stated Ringsred.