Cement Ceilings And “Stoopid Wimmin” Laws

Ed Raymond

A financial status report on women co-authored by The Center For American Progress and Maria Shriver indicates that 42 million women and 28 million dependent children face financial crisis every day. Maria, the daughter of Sargent Shriver who led President Lyndon  Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” now works as a special anchor for NBC News. She reports that two-thirds of minimum-wage workers in this country are women, most with children, and they have no sick leave. The United States is the only industrialized rich nation in the world that does not provide sick leave for workers who do not make a living wage. Forty percent of our private sector workers have no sick leave for themselves or children.
Richest country in the world? How dare we call ourselves that while 40 percent of the households with children 18 or below are led by women who are the only or primary source of income? And they earn only 77 percent of what their male colleagues earn in exactly the same jobs! I don’t know who came up with this profound statement but she should be promoted to philosopher-queen: “Women will never be equal to men until then can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they’re sexy.”

Arnold And The Peter Principle

Let’s remember that Democrat Maria Shriver helped Republican Arnold Schwarzeneggergroper become governor of California. Arnold got about $20 million a movie for mumbling nonsense and flexing his muscles prior to his running for office. As a world-renown body builder, Arnold loaded himself with steroids and testosterone to mold his body into “terminator” status, thus increasing the size of his muscles while reducing the size of some of his organs. To show his steroidalized brain he once justified buying a dozen Hummers because he thought they were impressive on the road. Maria finally dumped him after finding out he had groped women on movie sets in an indiscriminate fashion and then fathered a “love child” with their housemaid--while Maria was pregnant with one of his children! Arnold is a perfect example to explain the Peter Principle, the very serious business study of organizational leadership developed by Lawrence Peter, a Canadian teacher.
In any organization workers who do a good job are often promoted. But eventually they may be promoted to jobs beyond their ability to perform. This is the principle of the Peter Principle! This happened to Arnold when he was elected governor of  35 million because he was a celebrity. And “peter” is still used as a synonym for penis, so there is another “Peter Principle” besides Peter’s. This is the well-founded axiom that there is enough blood in the male body to run the brain and the penis, but there is only enough to run one of them at a time. Males prove this constantly. Astronomist Michael West in his article “What If Incompetence Is Universal?” uses this an example for both principles when he suggests those men who created an extraterrestrial message to other planets in 2008 advertised Doritos and Starbucks. Evidently these men had been promoted beyond their abilities and had sex on their minds when creating the first message to be seen and read by space aliens. He wonders why pictures of the Kardashians were not included as representatives of our world.

What If Women Controlled Congress And The White House?

Because women are more sensible than men, they live longer. Therefore, 54 percent of the eligible voters in this country are women. Men have made such a mess of things in U.S. history, isn’t it about time women elected themselves to take charge of our society? I think it is. The 113th Congress is only 18.3 percent female–with most of them Democrats.
There are shocking differences between our two major parties when gender is surveyed on attitudes of leadership. In an ABC News/ Fusion poll on whether it would be a good thing if women were elected to Congress, only 23 percent of Republicans agreed—compared with 60  percent of Democrats. This is a good indication why Republicans think it is wise to keep women barefoot, in the kitchen, pregnant, in 24-hour lingerie, and stoopid. Is this why we have so much “stoopid wimmin” legislation vomiting from Republicans regarding anything to do with sex such as rape, abortion, contraception, health care, unequal pay, breastfeeding in public, Biblical birth pain, and street-walking? If we paid women the same as men we would add $6,250 to their payroll check.  That sum would raise three million women above the poverty line. It would still leave three million women below the poverty line.

Should Women Be Elected To Congress?

Following up on the ABC poll the Rutgers Centre for Research on Women also polled the parties on leadership. On electing women to Congress, Democratic women at 69 percent and Democratic men at 54 percent agreed it would be a good thing. Guess what. Only 24 percent of Republican men and 22 percent of Republican women wanted to elect women to Congress.  Why do 78 percent of Republican women believe it is not important for Republicans to elect women to Congress?  It’s mindboggling. This survey question about the opportunities for women is more disturbing: 68 percent of Democrats agreed that women have fewer opportunities than men while only 38 percent of Republicans thought so. No wonder equal pay for equal work is not important to the GOP.
North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple appointed 13 men and one woman to his Task Force on Property Tax Reform. Did he determine that it “taxed” wimmin’s stoopid brains too much to advise him on property taxes? Now that is really stoopid.  The Forum’s Jane Ahlin nailed Senator Dwight Cook for his really stoopid statement about his wife: “When I find out my wife’s been shopping at a home improvement store, I get nervous. I wonder what ideas are going through her pretty little head and what it’s going to cost me.” After that stoopid statement I would think Cook’s wife should seriously consider major home improvement–by removing Mr. Cook from it.

Women Are Going To Have To take Charge Of Their Lives Through Elections

It’s been amply demonstrated that men are not going to help women get out of poverty, receive equal pay for equal work, get promotions on an equal basis, and take sole ownership of their uterus, fallopian tubes, eggs, and other body parts.  A 2013 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey indicates that 82 percent of women spent time doing housework, cooking, or other household management during an average day. Sixty-five percent of men did the same thing. In families where both parents work women still do more than men. In a family where the mother works part-time and the husband works full-time the workloads are about even. Even if the wife makes more money than the husband the wife still does more childcare and housework. Even with both adults working, expectations have not changed. In a Rutgers University study females said they expected to do at least 60 percent of the housework if both worked.
Women spend more time cooking and cleaning while assuming other “work” of the family: the kin work, the holiday cards, and arranging family events. Men do lawns, auto maintenance, blowing snow and other chores–but on a more flexible schedule.

A Short List Of Really Stoopid Republican Spokespersons

John Stossel of Fox News: “It’s not fair that men have to pay as much as women for health care under ObamaCare. Women go to the doctor more often than men. Maybe they’re smarter or maybe they’re hypochondriacs. They live longer. (Maybe because of a doctor’s care!) Men should not have to pay for pregnancies and maternity care because they can’t get pregnant. It’s so unfair!” Evidently the scientists in the Republican Party have determined that women, like amoeba, are asexual and have babies by themselves. Stossel has found a home on Fox News. The men there don’t have to know that “wimmin” pee oftener than men.
Reverend Pat Robertson of the 700 Club: “Having lesbian friends in your home could turn your children into lesbians and gays.” Pat says God talks to him once a week. Pat, perhaps you should check God’s ID. It could be the other guy whispering in your ear.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor asked the Capitol police to keep children of immigrants from singing Christmas tunes with suspect lyrics outside of his office. He had the big hairy officers threaten the children with arrest if they didn’t stop. Is this a new war on children?
Richard Black, a Virginia Republican candidate for the House, is opposed to gay rights. He also voted against a spousal rape law in Virginia with these immortal words: “It would be impossible to convict a husband with rape when they’re living together, sleeping in the same bed, she’s in a nightie—and so forth.”

To Be Continued: The Republican War Against “Wimmin”

An example of how male-dominated Republican legislatures have passed 205 anti-abortion restrictions in 30 states since 2010 rests in Michigan, formerly a Democratic state. Without hearings or even a minimum of debate, the Michigan Legislature passed a bill called the Abortion Insurance Op-Out Act which banned abortion coverage, even in cases of rape or incest, from almost all health insurance policies written in the state. If “wimmin” wanted this coverage they would have to pay for an insurance rider described as “rape insurance.” What if you suffered internal life-changing injuries from the rape? Tough sh–t. No insurance? No hospital or doctor coverage! Eight other red states have adopted the same law. Only Utah makes an exception for rape. Incest? Well, in Utah almost anything with sex goes.
Although seven in ten adults support Roe v. Wade, over half the country and states are trying to place restrictions on abortion practices. Twenty-six states require abortion clinics to become surgical centers. This means larger parking lots, wider halls and doors, clinic-sized sinks and janitorial closets, pipelines for anesthetic administration, and other physical requirements which will make all abortions “safe.” The mortality rate for abortions is less than .67 per 100,000 procedures. In the same time that it takes to perform an abortion, colonoscopies at outpatient clinics are about 35 times more dangerous than abortions at 20 deaths per 100,000. Four states require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. What if the closest hospitals are all Catholic? Fifteen percent of the medical patients in this country are treated in Catholic hospitals. That’s terrific that the Roman Catholic Church provides such services. But let’s remember that all kinds of money changes hands in hospitals and insurance offices. In the meantime 16 states restrict medical-induced abortions and 39 states require only licensed physicians to prescribe and hand out the drugs. Fourteen states ban any kind of tele-medicine for medicine-induced abortions. All of these restrictions were passed in male-dominated Republican states. A “War on Wimmin?” You betcha!
Domestic violence is another subject very important to women. A local member of a community domestic violence prevention committee has described the difference between Minnesota and North Dakota laws this way: “Basically, Minnesota laws and the Clay County Domestic Violence Court do a great deal to hold offenders accountable and improve the potential for improving lives. In North Dakota and Cass County the penalties are are greater for driving without a license......than for domestic offenses.  Couple that with what is described as a lenient group of judges in Cass County, and you have any number of women who live in continual fear of asshole boyfriends, husbands, etc., and who learn there isn’t much point in expecting any help...There isn’t much deterrence or consequence to roughing up women in North Dakota.”  Simply another “stoopid wimmin” case in a red state with unbreakable cement ceilings.