Duluth Man Goes On Alcohol Fueled Rampage

Police are searching for the Duluth man who caused a string of crimes around the Twin Ports on Saturday, March 23. They believe the man to be Chester Teschen, a bartender at the Rustic Bar in West Duluth. The incidents started when there was a call about an extremely intoxicated man at the Gopher Bar. When police responded the man snuck out a side door stole one of the squad cars. Through out the night various disturbances were reported. Local news anchor for FOX, Dan Hanger, reported that his dog had been stolen by a bearded drunk man, Mayor Don Ness reported that someone had defecated on his front door, Centerfold's Gentleman's Club reported that a man matching Teschen's description tried to get into the club and was accompanied by a midget, an obese woman in fishnet tights and a dog which matched the description of Hanger's animal, six bars on Tower Avenue reported that a man came in an ordered over $100 in drinks on a tab and walked out without paying, the Wabasha bookstore was later broken into that night and had all of their teen, she-male and BBW DVDs stolen. The squad car was found flipped over on it's side at the bottom of the Spirit Mountain terrain park by groomers and Hanger's dog was found unharmed at 5 a.m. wandering the Fond du Luth Casino.