Remembering Doug Moen


Douglas Glenn Moen was born on April 27th 1947 in Duluth, MN to Glen and Helen Moen.

He grew up in the Woodland area living in a house that his father built on Chisholm St.,  along with his brothers Bruce and Brent, and his sister Gwendolyn. He attended East High School and was very active in plays and activities. He graduated in 1965 and immediately went into the Naval Reserve for 2 years, and sailed the seas during the Vietnam War.

He returned to Duluth in 1967 and starting collecting antique rugs. He was widely known in the area for a time as “Doug the Rug”.

Then he embarked on the career for which he’ll be remembered for all time, Collector. He was enamored with the design and craftsmanship of bygone eras. A connoisseur of all things vintage: ethnic rugs, furniture, kitchenware, jewelry, but above all, clothing. His passion led to the establishment of 18 different antique and costume shops in the Duluth/Superior area, most recently Retro Revisited Antique Mall at 118 E 1st St. He had top shelf taste but was a true, blue Junk Man and hard worker. He saw his costume shop as a place where “Anybody can walk in and be anything and anybody.”

His first shop was in 1972 in Superior called “Rags to Riches”. His second shop began in 1977 located on 1st Ave in Duluth called “Second Act”. He even sold his vintage collectibles in the Norshor Theater, and other downtown locations for a short duration.
In 1990, he finally settled into the space at 1226 1/2 Tower Ave., in Superior, above Vintage Italian Pizza. Doug Moen’s Clothing and Vintage Costume Rental held on until Halloween of 2005.

By 2005, he had amassed well over 100,000 vintage clothing pieces and his was ranked in the top 10 collections in the country. But he didn’t stop there. His treasure trove piqued the interest of several Hollywood filmmakers. His pieces were used on the sets and costuming of “Far North”, “Iron Will”, “Dead Man”, “North Country”, and “A Prairie Home Companion”. His superb eye, intuitive style, and benevolent nature made him an unparalleled resource to local artists, schools, and theaters. More precious than the beautiful things he curated was his friendship.

He was always kind beyond reason, compassionate without judgment, and generous without expectation. He said “You can’t measure fortune by money.” His contributions to this community are endless.

Always lending a hand or financial help to anyone, at anytime, or anywhere, he went in all the way, selflessly. He will always be remembered for being the kindest, most generous, thoughtful soul that you would ever meet. His smile was infectious, his heart as big as a whale, his laugh soothing to the ears, and his eyes twinkled as bright as any star. Of all the finds that he collected, HIS life was the real prize. He was the treasure of all treasures.

Douglas Glenn Moen, age 65, died unexpectedly on Thursday Feb 21st, 2013 He was preceded in death by his father; and his sister, Gwendolyn Moen.
He is survived by his mother, and brothers Bruce and Brent Moen.

If heaven has a speak easy, we know Doug is sitting at its long, oak bar, dressed to the nines, with his feet kicked up once and for all.

A memorial in his honor to celebrate his life will be held on Saturday, March 9th at 8pm at Clyde Ironworks in Duluth, MN. Doors opening to the public at 7pm. We are encouraging attendees to dress vintage style, or just simply bring something you bought from Doug, to honor the man who is highly regarded as the “King of Vintage”. We will be sharing stories, listening to great bygone music and watching a slide presentation of his life.

Mayor Don Ness is presenting a proclamation that will make March 9th, Doug Moen Day in Duluth.

For more information, contact Todd Eckart at 715-817-1838 or email

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