With Homegrown Director Walt Dizzo

Walt Dizzo has always existed as a sort of enigma to me. I don’t personally know him. I’ve never seen what he looks like. But yet I usually hear or read his name several times every week. If you pick up this week’s Transistor you will see Dizzo immortalized in comic form on the front cover. You may have recently seen him on the Northland’s NewsCenter with Barbara Reyelts. Or maybe you listen to his radio show on 91.3 KUWS. Or maybe you saw his name emblazoned inside the cover of the Homegrown Music Festival handy handbook, in which his name appears as Walter Raschick. At any rate, Walt is a staple in the Twin Ports music community and dresses for the occasion. Walt and I recently linked up computers and talked Homegrown, leisure time and his lack of facial hair.

MJ: What have you been listening to lately?
WD: My roommate playing guitar in the living room.

MJ: What do you do for a living/fun?
WD: In my day job i’m a volunteer coordinator for a local non-profit. In my free time i’m the Director of the Homegrown Music Festival. In my other free time I volunteer as a music director and host my own show at KUWS Radio. In my other free time I DJ at local dance clubs, art shows, fashion events and bouts for the Harbor City Roller Dames.

MJ: Planning Homegrown isn’t all fun and games is it?
WD: It’s fun, but it’s also a substantial amount of work. I’m looking forward to walking into packed venues filled with music fans having a completely awesome time.

MJ: What’s your favorite thing about the twin ports?
WD: Summers.

MJ: Who are you most looking forward to see play in Homegrown this year?
WD: Sadly, I doubt i’ll be able to watch any band longer than a song each for most of the festival. I am very much looking forward to seeing the premier of Taste the Feeling on the last day of Homegrown at Sacred Heart.

MJ: Tell me something odd about yourself?
WD: I live in the Twin Ports and am involved in the music scene and I don’t have a beard.