Last Year of the Homegrown Music Festival

This year will mark the end of the Homegrown Music Festival in Duluth which started as a yearly event that began when Scott “Starfire” Lunt celebrated his 30th birthday with a handful of bands.  With each year the festival has continued to grow and has maxed out at over 150 acts that perform in the short and fun filled week that has become a staple of the Twin Ports music and arts culture.
Current Homegrown director, Walt Dizzo, explained, “the committee and I are all tired of this, we’re at the edge of physical and mental collapse, we’re done. Screw this! I wouldn’t wish this mess on my worst enemy!” Dizzo promptly broke into tears then ran out of the room screaming “I’m free, I’m free, I’m free.”
Luckily a pro in the music industry has stepped up to take over the rest of the organizing of the music festival. Vic Black, a famous music promoter who has worked with acts such as Mott Hoople, has returned from California and vowed to breathe new life into this year’s festival and create an even bigger and better festival next year.
“It’s going to be called ‘Vic-a-Pullugga,’ and it’s going to be way better than all of these half-rate homeless looking bands headlining at Pizza Luce’ on a Saturday night,” said Black. “I’m going to bring in acts that are actually good, like Wilco opening for Nine Inch Nails at Amsoil Arena and Cloud Cult opening for Lady Gaga at Clyde Iron. If they’re lucky, The Acceleratii might open for Soul Asylum at the DECC.”
Black wishes to purify the music of scene of Duluth, “I’ve had a chance to look over the bands playing this year and trust me, bands like Gallus., the Good Colonels, Manheat or Bratwurst will not be welcome. Oh God, Bratwurst!  How is that even music? It makes me sick.”  Black added that he doesn’t have it out for every act in the Duluth scene, “now Sarah Krueger and those Fontanelles, if they spent a couple of minutes on their look, I’d consider letting them in for next year.”
Vic Black will replace all of the direction, steering committee, volunteer and sound duties for this year’s and next year’s festival.