Philip of Nazareth: About F***ing Time

Paul Whyte

Phillip of Nazareth formed back in 2009 and consists of local rockers Josh Muthler (aka Ugly Kid Joe) on lead guitar and vocals, Eric Busker on guitar and vocals, Andrew Pletcher on bass and vocals and Cory Coffman on drums and on lead vocals.  
The album starts out with the instrumental track “Green Eggs and Sam,” right from the start some beautiful riffage gives way to some fairly quick and blasting punk.  The song was written for a friend of the band, Sam Rodman.  Words couldn’t express how the band felt about Sam, so they decided to just write a fast paced punk number for him without lyrics.
The next track is “Killing Machine,” an anti-war song that addresses the ill effects of war on the soldier.  “I personally believe way too much money and time is spent on military spending and that’s not to be confused with defense spending. I don’t think the US has been rationally engaged in a war for a long time, if our war hungry politicians kept their nose in their own country’s problems, we’d be a lot better off both economically and socially. I’m not saying the rest of the world isn’t just as f*cked up or even more f*cked up, but when you grow up hearing from older people how great this country was ‘back in their day’ and then you turn on the news and are exposed to what is happening both nationally and internationally, it’s frustrating. I think that has a lot to do with why we play in a band together,” said Pletcher about the song.
Next is the lovely number “Alien Ass Farm,” the song deals with being anally probed and the possibility that aliens have better drugs than we do on earth.  When asked if extraterrestrial beings  might be offended by the stereotype, that they all anally probe their abductees, if they were to hear the song, Pletcher responded, “Alien Ass Farm isn’t meant to be offensive to aliens at all. What do we know? Maybe aliens do perform acts in our b-holes during our sleep and also have all the good drugs.”
The track “Two Minutes Hate” is aptly named, seeing as how it runs 2:02 minutes long.  It deals with political issues such as racism and buying into Capitalism and corrupt political influences. Of course it’s also a brutally fast and rocking punk number that even includes a shredding guitar lead. “Wake up,” the band repeats at the end of the song.
The song “Craving Change” is also a politically charged punk song. “its really just a poke at the lack of promised ‘change’ that Obama had promoted so much when he was campaigning the first time around and how many americans are so hungry for actual change. there’s obviously a 1984 vibe in the lyrics. definitely the most serious song on the album, and my personal favorite,” said Pletcher.
The song “Sincerely Yours” is probably the lightest and least potentially offensive or political song on the album.  It’s more or less a rocked out love song of sorts.  
The last track on the album is “Jesus.” Of course there seems to be a reference to Jesus in the band’s name, the humorous number certainly talks up our Lord and Savior, “He fed lot’s of hungry people, he can walk on water too, there’s nothing he can’t do, he’s one cool dude,” goes a part of the lyrics. “’Jesus’ was a song written after sipping too much of the blood of Christ. We totally hate playing it live but someone always asks. seriously though, don’t f*ck with jesus,” said Pletcher. “We’re not a Christian band by any means, but we did think about submitting the ‘Jesus song’ to Christian radio stations.”
The album was recorded by local super rockstar Glenny Maloney at his house.  The overall sound is fine and almost all of the lyrics can be understood, not something that happens on every DIY punk album ever put out that I’ve heard.  The guitar work is often technical and the sound is nice and sharp.  Maloney was also the bands vocal coach for the recording, this is definitely apparent in the song “Jesus.”
In regards the album’s name, “the reason we called it ‘About F*cking Time’ I think had something to do with the fact that those songs were so damn old when we recorded them already. ‘Dudes, it’s about f*cking time we recorded those sh*tty songs, eh?’ Plus, if the album was any longer, Glenn was going to charge us another $50,000 on top of the quarter-million we already coughed up. Kidding....we actually payed in reach arounds,” said Pletcher.
The band plans on releasing an album with new material in the near future, “we’ve got a lot more serious songs brewing now, both instrumentally and lyrically. With that being said, i guess my advice to anyone hearing ‘About F*cking Time’ for the first time is to treat it for what it is. There’s no theme or flow to it, it’s a bunch of early material we decided was finally worthy of being recorded and recorded the same way it was written, intoxicated,” said Pletcher.  
For those interested in listening to the album, it can be downloaded for free at  Phillip of Nazareth will be playing their next show on April 7 with Aaron Gall and the Likely Story and Shakin’ Babies at Pizza Luce’.


Paul Whyte

A South Shore native and University of Wisconsin-Superior journalism graduate. Lifelong musician, and former open mic host. Passionate about the music scene and politics.

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