Kurt Kuehn

I am a candidate for the ISD 709 school board representing eastern Duluth and the townships.

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The Wide Divide


The fact that the vote to direct the superintendent to come up with a plan to keep the Comp money where it was generated passed 7-0 before the election and failed 3-3 after the election is the lowest form of cynical political expediency. As far as enrollment imbalances, all the DFL endorsed have called for boundary changes. Since they are not going to shift the boundary out to 39th avenue east, the only way enrollment equity can be achieved is for almost all the township kids to go to Denfeld. Enjoy! I also expect everyone to vote for a HUGE levy increase next year. This is what you either voted for directly or voted for indirectly by staying home.

Some of the issues


I'd like to take a crack at Ms Lofald's argument also. There is a reason that, in logical discourse, analogy is considered the weakest argument. One can simply reject the analogy; "We're not talking about dentists!" I'll address it from a logical standpoint. This argument suffers from the fallacy of false equivalency. To truly be equivalent there needs to be some caveats, these dentists would first have to be mandated by the state to provide free dental care to anyone in their district, be non-profits and the dentist would have to be aware that a percentage of the patients are unhappy with the service they are getting. They would like to try someone else. In this scenario, any shrewd businessperson would rent the extra space. I'm surprised a seasoned debate coach would offer a fallacious argument.

Superintendent’s wife screens school…


Thank you sir.
This is the political environment of our school district, and it is one reason I have not sought any labor endorsements. Educating the children of our district shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and it should be about helping our staff deliver the best education possible.
Politics and clear conflicts of interest like this just further more divisiveness and help to sow more distrust.

Into the Heart of the Beast


"Road kill" hehehe. But the TAXPAYERS roadkill! I seriously aim to not give you occasion to describe me in that way as election season progresses.



I think your recommendations are spot on. The district must get some concessions this round of contract negotiations. Any raises in wage and/or benefits would come at the expense of the teacher's eating their own.
The vacant properties MUST be sold. The district does not have the luxury of holding out for an ideal buyer. The fact that the district turned down 15-20 million dollars is inexcusable given the financial state of the budget.
The compensatory monies must go to the schools that earn them. To do less defeats the purpose of these monies. They are not intended for balancing the general budget.
If the district is going to be throwing dollars willy-nilly at consultants, how about a consultant to look into ways to restructure the red plan debt payments?
A grant writer would likely pay for themselves. It is a must.
Finally, the public needs to be more involved. I believe people like Cory Kirsling and the parents involved with getting the tire mulch issue sorted is a good start. This district, the board and especially this administration needs all the help they can get.



Given the inaccuracies of consultants hired by ISD 709 and other's, it seems the only reasonable assumptions that can be made are: 1). They lack the expertise and/or information to make accurate predictions? 2). They are being hired to NOT be objective so as to come to a conclusion that is favored by certain players? 3). They are simply incompetent?
There may be other assumptions, but, bottom line, that is exactly what they are, assumptions. One thing is crystal clear: Things are not getting better for our district. Isn't it time someone is held accountable for the lack of progress being made on issues of equality and achievement? I believe it is past time.

Super Evaluation


I think, in your attempt to be fair and Minnesota nice, you have over rated Mr Gronseth. The district was in disarray and decline when he arrived, and it has only gotten worse. Much worse. This is a district that is in desperate need of leadership. Mr Gronseth hasn't provided it.
Also, "They see themselves as a booster club for the people who work in the buildings of ISD 709; this group of fortunate citizens is their true constituency." Well put Loren. It is the exact truth, and I hope the rest of Duluth comes to the same conclusion soon. Before we lose so many students that closing Denfeld is the only reasonable outcome.

Chisholm animal shelter denies endorsing…


I'm just curious. Why do so many of our elective collectives, City Council, School Board, Parks Commission etc, find this overwhelming need to be elitist and heavy-handed? I also find it ironic that all these DINO's feel the need to disavow the one overriding principal of liberalism: fairness.

Thoughts on mountain bike trails


To which City department does COGGS report? Parks and Recs? It sounds as if they pretty much have been given carte blanche to "improve' taxpayer green space to the benefit of, well..a very small percentage of the population. I could see the public benefit of such attention if all 35,000 members listed above actually lived in Duluth or at least visited.
Also, isn't it up to the Parks department to determine public parks/land is "open" or "closed"? This reminds me of the recent story about the Builders of all the hunting shacks/cabins/houses that have "improved" State and County land that have been reminded that it is in fact Public land. Oh well, as we all know-it's who you know in this town.

No Sale for Central


Another excellent well written article Loren!
Maybe they could sell the primo Central site to a local developer (Hmmm...A & L?) for low income housing. You know, $350,000 condos! The tax payers can pick up the tab for utilities etc. Maybe sell it for $1 as Urban renewal?

As far as this dysfunctional Board: The first step in addressing the current problems is to admit there are problems. It appears to me that the Board majority is unable/unwilling to do this. To admit to and address these problems is to admit that mistakes were made in the past. It's either purely about egos, (gets my vote-Rosie!) or the local power brokers don't want their pocket linings inspected too closely. (Could be this)

Donny Ness is the closest thing to a real person (not purely a politician) we are likely to ever get in the Mayor's office. Given the recent exposure (John Ramos Email scandal story) of the cynical and cavalier way he does business (as usual), the monied power brokers will continue to do exactly what they want and continue to keep the real story from the voters. It's disappointing that Washington style underhanded politics are alive and well in our great city.

I certainly hope some ethical people step up to run for the contested seats, If not, our children ,especially those in the west end of town, will continue to get cheated.

Its NOT a LAW…not that it would matter.


Our schools are failing, and this administration has and continues to give unknown amounts of tax dollars to...someone for...something. Meanwhile The Red Five continue to advocate and further the agenda of this failed administration. An agenda fraught with secrecy and flat out disregard for tax payers, constituents, and most importantly, the children. For shame!